Why Agenda Malvinas

Islas malvinas

It is a specialized website on the MALVINAS ISSUE , which addresses the complex situation faced by Argentina and the South American continent, as a result of the British colonial occupation in the South Atlantic since 1833.

From the maritime province of Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost in Argentina; we are ready to inform and analyze the everyday and ongoing factors of the unbalanced bilateral relationship with Great Britain, carry out an organized tracking of policies and their consequences, executed and executed in the field of diplomacy by the various democratic governments of the Argentine Republic; gather and translate international material on political and global strategic factors revolving around Malvinas, as well as scientific and environmental issues.

An AGENDA that includes the opinion of specialists and professionals, and the reflections of those who from different perspectives work for the disappearance of colonialism as a factor of domination and degradation to the evolutionary process of humanity.

We propose to give visibility to the dangerous setback in terms of sovereignty carried out by the National Government with the approval of the Provincial Government, to make known the legal framework where all diplomatic actions are supported post the war conflict of 1982 that allowed Great Britain to execute a systematic plan of looting of renewable and non-renewable natural resources and at the same time consolidating, for almost 200 years, colonial occupation in the South Atlantic.

In a time frame of the last 60 years; we will approach from Resolution No. 1514 of the United Nations, where it was decided to "eliminate all forms of colonialism" and which reaches its peak with a second Resolution, No. 2065/XX; which recognizes "the existence of a sovereignty dispute between the United Kingdom and Argentina over the Falkland Islands"; that the case "falls within a colonial situation", and invites the parties to resolve "without delay the sovereignty dispute taking into account the interests of the inhabitants of the islands", but not their desires. Analyze and unravel the advances and setbacks produced by and during the alternations of democratic and military governments. And in detail, the war of 1982, its results and subsequent ones, the State policies of the government administrations from the presidency of Raúl Alfonsín to the present.

AGENDA MALVINAS expresses support for Human Rights, supports the struggle of Mothers, Grandmothers, and Relatives of Plaza de Mayo, defends the search for justice for the torture, staking, abuse, and deaths of soldiers during the war, claims for the identity of the nameless soldiers in Darwin Cemetery, and honors THE GESTA that turned 649 men into heroes.

The main sources of information from which to produce content are and will be joint or individual diplomatic documents issued by the Argentine Foreign Ministry and/or the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the measures, agreements, covenants, pacts, and actions that both States take in consequence, the information that arises from the national and international press, press releases from governments, organizations, and companies.

Agenda Malvinas adheres in all its terms and conditions, and submits to the INTERNATIONAL CODE OF ETHICS FOR JOURNALISM of UNESCO, a United Nations agency that is mandated to defend freedom of expression and freedom of the press.