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Hundreds of Argentines who were going to pay tribute to those who died in the war are prevented from disembarking in the Malvinas

It was on the Norwegian Star cruise.

17 de February de 2024 18:16

Argentine tourists planned to go to the Darwin cemetery to pay tribute to those who fell during the War.

The lawyer Elizabeth Márquez , president of the Conuvive Civil Association (Consciousness in Union Life and Truth), published a letter in several Argentine press media, where she denounces that last Thursday, February 1, the captain of the tourist cruise Norwegian Star, Luigi Gentile With childish tricks, he prevented “more than 800 Argentines” from descending on the Malvinas “to honor the fallen sons of this land” during the 1982 war.

The ship would arrive very early to set sail again around 4:00 p.m. During that period, the contingent would move to the Darwin Cemetery, where they would place 260 crosses on the graves of our heroes, made by Argentine families. “It would just be a small offering of honor and eternal respect,” the lawyer explained; who confessed that “several hundred Argentines on board the cruise ship” did not sleep the night before due to excitement.

Elizabeth Márquez narrates that, during the morning of Wednesday, January 31, the Captain was surprised by announcing over a loudspeaker that he had decided to cancel the stop scheduled for the next day (Thursday, February 1) in the Malvinas Islands “because the weather conditions would not be favorable for The landing".

“The statement generated convulsion since we did not understand how this was possible. The complaints began, requests for explanations, the Argentine National Anthem was sung in what would be the atrium of the ship, its heart and a space that is an almost mandatory permanent passage. Emotion Besides, it was seeing how people from China, Canada, Uruguay and other countries supported the claim that began to be heard loud and clear. Argentine flags were waved, in a climate marked by emotion and sadness. A note was written, which caused the captain called us to a meeting that was held the next morning where we should be in our beloved Malvinas Islands, to a full theater with more than 1,000 people participating of all nationalities,” describes the lawyer.

In these circumstances, Elizabeth Márquez assures that; “the captain changed the explanation.”He said the weather could get worse, but only in the afternoon.

By Agenda Malvinas


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