The government of Tierra del Fuego does not believe that Congress will authorize the installation of a US base.

It was expressed by Andrés Dachary, secretary of Malvinas of the province of the same name.

11 de April de 2024 17:39

“They do not have any type of institutional sustainability.

The secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs of the Province, Andrés Dachary , spoke with the Fuegian press about the announcements by the president of Javier Milei of the creation of an Integrated Naval Base, jointly with the USA. US under the orbit of the Southern Command.

He believed that he was "in the presence of a President who expresses his wishes, without checking the institutions. Even the political sustainability of these initiatives. Before announcing an issue like this, you have to know that it must go through Congress."

Along these lines, he explained that “it is not only because of the situation in Tierra del Fuego and dragging it into very unrealizable wishes, but in matters of foreign policy: the word of a president is a pledged word. In the best of cases, the General Richardson should have met with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

“They do not have any type of institutional sustainability. In addition, there is no project presented. We are talking about ceding sovereignty to a military base in a third country, from wherever it may be”; the official stated in constitutional terms.

However, he understood that " if it is clear here that the United States needs a base to exercise control in the bioceanic passage, perfect. But do not use the Logistics Pole card. Much less with these statements about what it is to recover the Malvinas."

Regarding the latter, he assured that “ it is impossible to connect these two issues. You are with the person who carried out military exercises violating agreements; the main historical partner of the United Kingdom; there have been no public statements; She is not an ambassador. There is no common thread that can establish a logical process.”

As an example, he narrated: “Last week I participated in the foreign relations congress. It is good that it was created. Cooperation issues are being worked on. I asked them about all the bad things that have been done in recent months.I ask you about the basis, since on January 3 the Foreign Ministry issues a new statement to have a mature relationship with the United Kingdom.

“If you read the fine print, it is the same print that was used in Foradori-Duncan.

By Agenda Malvinas


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