The Government of Tierra del Fuego suffered a cyber attack on its computer networks

It caused damage to important sectors of the internal network and external communication, but no vital information was affected. It happened last Sunday and the Government is still working on restoring the systems and making backup copies.

27 de June de 2024 14:07

State technicians evaluate the complexity of the hack and the time needed to restore infected platforms.

The virtual attack on the provincial administration was recorded at 3:40 in the morning on Sunday, June 23. This was reported by the Radio Fueguina de Río Grande portal.

A computer virus affected the Zimbra platform of the provincial Executive, through an infected email.

On the local FM website, they highlight that government sources reported that " the cyberattack has had a significant impact on the technological infrastructure of the provincial government, affecting the availability of critical services and resulting in the loss of data."

“The extent of the damage to the backup copies made the immediate restoration of the affected systems difficult,” they point out from the media, adding that “this Wednesday, work was still being done to evaluate the complexity of the deterioration suffered and the time necessary for the restoration.” of the systems that are possible to recover.”

Although there is no accounting information that is compromised , several virtual data platforms of the Government of Tierra del Fuego register administrative problems . These are computer spaces of the ministries , internal communication and emails .


By Agenda Malvinas


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