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Ex-combatant sails to the Cape of Furnaces to pay tribute to the heroes of Cruise General Belgrano

He left yesterday morning aboard a sailboat from the port of Ushuaia to the area where the cruise ship Belgrano was positioned between April 26 and 28, 1982 to intercept British ships during the Malvinas War.

10 de January de 2023 12:12

The sailboat and its crew yesterday, before setting sail from Ushuaia to Cape Horn

The sailboat Galileo , led by the survivor of the General Belgrano Cruise Nilo Navas , set sail this Monday morning from the city of Ushuaia with the aim of reaching Cape Horn, where the Argentine military vessel passed during the Malvinas War. 1982.

The sixth nautical journey undertaken by the ex-combatant, who already traveled to Isla de los Unidos in 2019 and to Argentine Antarctica in 2020, began with a mild day in the Fuegian capital, with temperature records of 15 degrees, although with gusts of wind from the southwest of 50 kilometers per hour.

The Galileo began to go up the Beagle Channel to reach first Puerto Karelo and Puerto Almanza, and then Puerto Willians, now in Chile.

The expedition will pass near Picton, Lennox and Nueva Islands before turning south in search of Cape Horn, where a landing is planned, which will depend on weather conditions.

Navas said, before leaving, that the trip has historical connotations because they will seek to reach the place where the Belgrano cruise ship was positioned "between April 26 and 28, 1982 to intercept British ships during the Malvinas War, something that ultimately did not happen." happened," he explained in dialogue with Télam.

Furthermore, the economics teacher and radio host intends to navigate one of the most dangerous places in the world for navigation.

The same vessel belonging to the Malvinas Argentinas Foundation, from Bahía Blanca, made a trip in 2017 to the site of the sinking of the Argentine Navy cruiser, where an act of tribute to the 323 deceased was held.

A 2019 expedition served to create the "Heroes of Malvinas" thematic library, at the San Juan de Salvamento lighthouse (or End of the World Lighthouse) on the Island of the States, another in 2020 took them to different national Antarctic bases, and In 2021 they returned to the mythical archipelago where Jules Verne's book takes place to pay tribute to Commander Luis Piedrabuena.

The crew of the sailboat will be made up of the "usual team" made up of captain Andrés Antonini , boatswain Mario Monserrat and skipper and navigation chief Jorge "Jota" Patoco , to which in this case the navigator Ernesto Niedzwiecki will be added.

However, the novelty of this voyage will be that for the first time two women will join: Verónica Varas and Cynthia Burna , both sailors from Buenos Aires.




By Agenda Malvinas


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