The Fuegian legislature handed over to Milei, the Malvinas South Atlantic and Antarctic Commission

Although the governor makes a direct confrontation with the national government in defense of the sovereignty of the Malvinas and fundamentally opposes the military interference of the United States, the legislature that leads its own coalition, gives the libertarian Agustín Coto, the strategic Commission No. 7 of Malvinas.

21 de April de 2024 20:29

Agustin Coto, greeting President Milei last Thursday night, the 4th, at the Malvinas Argentinas airport in Ushuaia.

Totally contrary to the sovereign defense policy led by Governor Gustavo Melella due to the British colonial advance that day by day enables the national government regarding the Malvinas Question; The legislature of Tierra del Fuego presented Javier Milei with the presidency of Commission No. 7: Malvinas, South Atlantic and Antarctica on a platter ; through his representative from Republicans United, Agustín Coto.

The decision of the legislative body where the ruling party constituted in the coalition between Forja and the Fuegian Popular Movement politically manages the body; Not only does it not accompany or exceed Gustavo Melella 's political line in defense of the sovereign rights violated in the South Atlantic, but on the contrary; remains excessively disinterested in the national debate regarding what has been happening since 2016, as a result of the Foradori-Duncan Agreement reached by Great Britain with the government of Mauricio Macri .

It is a practically zombie legislature. He looked, he didn't see and he never said anything regarding the condescension to British interference sustained by Alberto Fernández from 2019 onwards. And so it continues comfortably in the same attitude from the end of 2023 to date.

She is not moved, nor awakened, by the declared surrender of sovereignty of a president like Javier Milei who not only maintains his admiration for Margaret Thatcher , but also the political, economic, military and cultural alignment with the United States of America, historical partners of the United Kingdom, even in the NATO Base set up in Malvinas.

The officialization of the composition of the eight permanent commissions of the Tierra del Fuego legislature took place last Wednesday the 17th. Thus, what was known since the beginning of the year was known. The authorities designated for Commission No. 7: Malvinas, South Atlantic and Antarctica were the following; “ President: Agustín Coto (United Republicans), Vice President: Federico Sciurano (Forja), Secretary: María Laura Colazo (Green Party) ”.

A political triangle that even in the greatest frenzy of optimism, the British occupying the Malvinas would not dare to imagine. But that the legislature of Tierra del Fuego; of the province that by historical, geographical, geological, diplomatic and sovereign right, is allowed at this point in time ( 191 years of usurpation ), with suspicious irresponsibility.

But how is it understood, that in this national political context, where in the event on April 2 , Javier Milei did not even mention the colonial occupation of the Malvinas Islands; nor about its devastating economic and jurisdictional effects, nor about David Cameron 's visit, nor about last month's military exercises. That even arriving in Ushuaia at midnight, making agreements with General Laura Richadson, the head of the US Southern Command that compromises the destinies of the Nation and the Province ; a legislature that should be working on the construction of a legal “missile shield” that opposes the unilateral decisions of successive governments and the pro-British Buenos Aires chancellery; do exactly the opposite.

There is no doubt that the Legislative Assembly of the illegitimate government that usurps the Malvinas Islands; It puts much more effort and determination into sustaining and consolidating its colonial position than the Fuegian parliament does into defending what sovereignly belongs to it.



By Agenda Malvinas


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