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Melella said that the Fuegians work every day for Great Britain to leave the Malvinas

The message was addressed especially to the British Foreign Minister David Cameron who visited the Malvina Islands and the English ambassador to Argentina Kirsty Hayes who was in Ushuaia.

1 de March de 2024 13:16

Governor Gustavo Melella and Vice Governor Mónica Urquiza, during the opening of the ordinary sessions of the Fuegian legislature, 2024.

At the end of his opening speech of the 2024 Ordinary Sessions, the governor of Tierra del Fuego Gustavo Melella ; He stated that the Fuegians work every day so that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leaves the Malvinas Islands “as soon as possible.”

The reference to the Malvinas Question, in his extensive speech; It lasted only 30 seconds. He did not make specific reference to the declaration of persona “non grata” towards David Cameron decided by his government last week and which had the strong support of the governors of Río Negro, La Pampa, Buenos Aires, Santiago del Estero, La Rioja, Buenos Aires Aires and Formosa; nor about the existence of the “change in strategy” confessed by Chancellor Diana Mondino , in the relationship with Great Britain due to the sovereignty dispute, nor about British progress in fishing and oil matters.

"We tell everyone, especially the representatives of the invading British government in Argentina and those who were on a provocative visit, that every day we Fuegians work so that they leave our land as soon as possible, because today's world no longer accepts colonialism” ; expressed Melella as the only concept.

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