Argentina and Great Britain will advance in “mutual cooperation” regarding the Malvinas

The foreign ministries of both countries reported this after the meeting between Mondino and Cameron, in Brazil.

21 de February de 2024 18:14

David Cameron and Diana Mondino, this morning at the G-20 foreign ministers' meeting in Brazil

Two final paragraphs with similar positions and messages on the Question of the Malvinas Islands were transmitted this afternoon by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of Argentina and by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office ; that is, by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom.

The documents were published this afternoon, minutes after Foreign Minister Diana Mondino met in Brazil, within the framework of the G-20 foreign ministers' meeting; with his British counterpart David Cameron .

“Regarding the Question of the Malvinas Islands, Foreign Minister Mondino and Secretary Cameron acknowledged the existence of a disagreement. Foreign Minister Mondino expressed discomfort with his statements and his visit to the Malvinas Islands, after which he reaffirmed the rights of sovereignty of the Argentine Republic in the Question of the Malvinas Islands and reiterated his country's willingness to resolve the dispute in accordance with the mandate of the international community.Despite this situation, they pointed out the importance of advancing cooperation in mutually beneficial areas” ; expresses the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, in Press Information No. 096/24.

More concisely and without mentioning Mondino's supposed discomfort over Cameron 's statements in the Malvinas; The British reported: “With regard to the Malvina Islands, the Foreign Secretary reiterated the United Kingdom's continued support for the right of self-determination of the Malvina Islanders. However, they noted that this would not prevent cooperation in areas that would be mutually beneficial.”


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At the beginning of 2016, the governments of both countries also agreed on similar objectives, which were later reflected in the Foradori-Duncan Agreement.

In the same sense that is now repeated; On Tuesday, September 13 of that year, the government of Mauricio Macri and Theresa May endorsed that pact known by the surname of its architects; the Argentine vice-chancellor Carlos Foradori , and the Minister of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth of Nations for Europe and the Americas; Sir Alan Duncan .

Just like now, at the end of the official reports; Both foreign ministries stated that they “agreed to establish a dialogue to improve cooperation on all South Atlantic issues of mutual interest .”

Specifically, in 2016; Argentina committed to the United Kingdom - free of charge -; maintain “the sovereignty formula of paragraph 2 of the Joint Declaration of October 19, 1989”; which means, the Madrid I Treaty ; and with this “adopt appropriate measures to remove all obstacles that limit the economic growth and sustainable development of the Malvinas Islands, including trade, fishing, navigation and hydrocarbons.” A matter that was repeatedly demonstrated; It was only in favor of the colony established by the English in 1833.

The closing of the first paragraph of the South Atlantic Chapter , of the Foradori-Duncan Agreement , leaves no doubt that 8 years later; Macrimileism goes the same way.They said it in 2016 and they repeat it now: “Both Parties emphasized the benefits of cooperation and a positive commitment by all involved.”

As is known by the diplomatic and political field of Argentina; The only winners of the Foradori-Duncan Agreement were the British .

By Agenda Malvinas


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