With the profits from fishing looting in the Malvinas, the Galicians build three new ships

They are for the companies Copemar, Pescapuerta and Pereira.

29 de February de 2024 13:44

The “Hadassa Bay” being built by the Ría de Vigo shipyard in Armón, will be launched within a month and is for the company Copemar.

The Vigo fishing companies Copemar, Pescapuerta and Pereira will debut this and next year, three state-of-the-art freezer vessels that are being built at the Ría de Vigo shipyard (in Armón) and in Nodosa . They are the largest fishing boats manufactured in recent years for this sector and all three will operate in the waters of the Malvinas Islands.

HeHadassa Bay ”, 75 meters long and with a gross tonnage of 2,493 tons, will replace Copemar 's ill-fated 'Baffin Bay' , which caught fire and sank in 2020 and ended up being scrapped.

The launch of the “ Hadassa Bay ” is scheduled for March 25, with delivery to the South Atlantic Squid joint venture - formed between the Galician fishing company and its kelper partner, Beauchene Fishing - at the end of the year.

For its part, the Nodosa shipyard , in Marín, launched the 'Prion' last Monday, considered one of the largest ships in the South Atlantic fleet in recent times.

Measuring 85 meters in length and 14 meters wide, the Pescapuerta ship with its partners in the British colony in the Malvinas, has a rapid ultra-freezing plant and among the technical innovations it presents an inverted bow, a unique design that allows better navigation in conditions adverse weather conditions.It has a tank to store biodegradable waste during the lifting and launching maneuvers of the rig, an approved incinerator to avoid throwing garbage into the sea and state-of-the-art aviaries for the protection of seabirds.The fishing vessel is scheduled to be delivered at the end of this year to the shipowner , Petrel Fishing Company , owned by the Pescapuerta Group.

The Prion, the 85 meter long inverted bow trawler for Pescapuerta, which launched Nodosa on Monday.

The Nodosa shipyard is also working on another freezer trawler for the Galician company Pereira. It is the “New Argos”. It will have a length of 85 meters, and will be the largest unit ordered by the shipbuilding company from a shipyard.

The hull of the “New Argos” also has the condition of an inverted bow; design that allows optimizing behavior at sea in adverse situations and reducing fuel consumption. Its delivery is also scheduled for the end of 2024 with the idea of carrying out its first campaign at the beginning of 2025 in the capture of Patagonian squid.

The vessel will be operated by Malvina Islands-based company Orion Fishing Company ; partner of Armadora Pereira .Companies that are fishing with the modern “Argos Cíes”, delivered by Nodosa in 2018.



By Agenda Malvinas


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