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From spokesman for the dictatorship in the war, to director of the “Gesta de Malvinas” of the Senate

Manipulator, successful, servile, denier, mercantilist of war for more than 41 years, the one who was immortalized with the phrase "we are winning", the smiling face of the dictatorship on the islands, the face and voice of the lie that millions of Argentines do not forget; now in a position in the Senate of the Nation.

18 de February de 2024 11:19

Expelled by Argentine journalism, Kasanzew managed to be named a War Veteran with military rank.

As a clear provocation, ex-combatants from all over the country took the appointment of Nicolás Kasanzew , in a high public office; to the journalist who was the leading voice of the dictatorship during the Malvinas war, distorting the facts and transmitting a fictitious reality that hid the hardships of the Argentine troops.

While the president of the Senate Victoria Villarruel boasts of having appointed to a high position Nicolás Kasanzew "the most recognized war correspondent in the Malvinas conflict" , so that "we recover our history and recognize our heroes" , ex-combatants and a large sector of Argentine society consider it a true provocation to anoint an official whom they clearly identify as a "denier" of the facts of the war.

Villarruel appointed journalist Kasanzew , who was the voice of the dictatorship in the 1982 war, seriously manipulating and deceiving public opinion, along with the ineffable José Gómez Fuentes . The appointment of the new director of Gesta de Malvinas in the Senate was immediately questioned by the Center for ex-combatants of La Plata (Cecim) for considering him a "denialist" .

Kasanzew himself, the one who during the television broadcasts at the time of the war conflict “sold” from the islands a certain victory and general well-being of the Argentine soldiers, published on his X account: "The Vice President of the Nation, daughter of a hero of the Malvinas, gives me the opportunity to occupy another trench - in the Senate no less - to fight for historical truth. It is a great honor of which I will try to be worthy. I count on the help of my veteran brothers!" harangued, who two years ago was shamefully anointed as a war veteran.In any case, even without that characterization, the serial distorter has been living for 40 years from and thanks to his pusillanimous role from 1982.

"A position tailored to a denier" the former combatants of Cecim from La Plata maintained in a statement. "The visible face of the military dictatorship in ATC, Argentina Televisora Color in 1982.

By Agenda Malvinas


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