Galician enthusiasm for the good squid fishing season in the Malvinas

The first samples indicate that they could close the summer season above 35,000 tons.

4 de March de 2024 14:05

The "Argos Cíes, with the registration of "Malvina", before leaving the Galician port of Vigo towards the Malvinas fishing ground.

The first samples taken by biologists from the Directorate of Natural Resources of the British colony that usurped the Malvinas Islands from Argentina; They already generate enough expectations to excite the Galician fleet, that the catch it has been making since the first days of February will be above 35,000 tons.

This was announced by Atlántico , the Spanish newspaper based in Galicia, when this Saturday it headlined: “The fleet in the Malvinas begins the squid campaign with guarantees.”

In this way, the state media that plunders the natural resources of Argentina in partnership with Great Britain, confesses that “the freezing fleet based in Vigo and licensed in the Malvinas, in the South Atlantic off Argentina, began the squid campaign. loligo on the islands, this time presided over by uncertainty. Specifying that "biologists confirmed that the fishing ground had recovered from the downturn last August and that there is sufficient product in size and quantity."

The expectation now is that the 17 vessels of mixed companies established between Galicians and Kelpers can capture between 35,000 and 50,000 tons.


The president of the Shipowners' Cooperative of the Port of Vigo, Javier Touza , who has two ships in the area, was confident in having overcome last year's crisis, which forced the suspension of the campaign when it had barely begun when he noted a decline. abruptness of the product. That is why there was fear that the fishing ground would continue to be affected, but it seems that is not the case.

“The experimental has gone well, so we started working this week because it seems that the fishing ground has recovered, we hope to obtain the same results as in the first campaign of 2023,” said Touza.


17 ships and more than 1000 sailors working

In the Malvinas there are 17 ships based at the Beiramar dock in Vigo, with more than a thousand crew members on board. Many of them are sailors from Indonesia and other countries, although the officers are all Spanish, most of them Galician.

That the fishery has recovered is also confirmed by colonial authorities.

By Agenda Malvinas


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