Israel withdraws its military attaché in Chile and drives a wedge between the governments of Boric and Milei

The Israeli government informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile that its Defense and Armed Forces attaché will leave the country. According to reports, he would settle in Buenos Aires.

20 de May de 2024 15:35

The State of Israel has in Milei, a fervent defender in South America, who also admires it as much, almost as much as Margaret Thatcher.

The Israeli Embassy in Chile formally informed the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs that its Defense and Armed Forces attaché, Colonel Amit Guy, will leave that country to settle in another in the region . According to the Israelis, Guy would settle in Buenos Aires where better winds blow with Javier Milei . The decision of the Netanyahu government is in clear response to the measure that the Gabriel Boric government took regarding not allowing the participation of Israeli companies in the International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE) 2024 that was held in Santiago, Chile at the beginning April, as reported by the portal.

Netanyahu 's decision was made after an escalation of disagreements with the Boric administration , according to CNN from the trans-Andean country. The last one occurred in March of this year, after Chile announced the exclusion of Israel from FIDAE 2024 . The Chilean government was unjustly accused of an "anti-Israel" policy and even anti-Semitism , which was flatly dismissed by its spokesperson, Camila Vallejo , stating "I think it is very irresponsible every time someone says they are anti-Semitic, a criticism of the State of Israel for the massacre that is taking place in Gaza” as reflected by El dinamo , a digital media linked to the Chilean Christian democracy, adding that “here there is too direct a relationship between the massacre that is taking place in Gaza, "It is practically already a genocide, with the arms-related industry and we cannot be complicit in that." Previously, the Israeli ambassador, Gil Artzyeli, described the exclusion from FIDAE as "regrettable" and warned that it meant harming bilateral relations. But in reality, the decision of the Boric government was taken within the framework of a State policy, since at the time the government of Sebastián Piñera had excluded companies of Russian origin from the FIDAE in 2022 after the launch of the FIDAE. special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine . As can be seen, the Boric government applied the same criterion to Israel for the invasion of the Gaza Strip and the massacre against the Palestinian people .

But since the Netanyahu administration is fond of double standards - like its Atlanticist partners in the United States and the United Kingdom - in retaliation for having put it in its place, it would have decided to install the Defense and Armed Forces attaché, Colonel Amit Guy, in Buenos Aires . And, after the anarcho-capitalist government of Javier Milei came to power, the State of Israel has a fervent defender in South America who also admires it as much, almost as much as Margaret Thatcher . Let us not forget that before taking office, Milei traveled to the United States and visited the Ohel, where the tomb of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson is, leader of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic movement, an ultra-conservative branch of Judaism . In addition to expressing his intention to move the Argentine embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem and appoint his personal rabbi, Axel Wahnish, as Argentine ambassador to Israel .


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