The Federal Justice of Rio Grande will hold a press conference on the torture of soldiers during the war

It was called for today at 11 in the morning by the War Veterans Center of that city and will be headed by the Secretary of that Court, Juan Vicente.

29 de April de 2024 07:59

The press conference will be held at the headquarters of the Veterans Center, 321 O'Higgins Street in Río Grande.

Through an invitation distributed last Thursday the 25th by the authorities of the “Malvinas Argentinas” War Veterans Center of Río Grande - and which the judiciary did not deny -; It became public today, Monday, April 29 at 11 in the morning; A “press conference will be held by the Secretary of the Federal Court of First Instance of Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego AIAS Dr. Juan Manuel Vicente on case N*63001777/2007 COVER “PIERRE PEDRO VALENTÍN AND OTHERS S/IMPOSITION OF TORTURE”.

This is the case initiated in 2007 by former judge Lilian Herráez de Andino , at the request of complaints filed by former combatant soldiers from Malvinas de Chaco and Corrientes, against their superiors; in which Army officers and non-commissioned officers are accused, for the alleged commission of torture and other degradation, consisting of "stacking, burial and deliberate lack of food", carried out by senior personnel of the Armed Forces to the conscript soldiers who participated in the “South Atlantic conflict between April 2 and June 14, 1982.”

The invitation to the press conference is striking. On the one hand, because it will be carried out outside the scope of the judicial headquarters and secondly because the existence of any new fact that warrants its summons is not known. Furthermore, because the aforementioned Veterans Center not only has not shown real interest in its prosecution in more than 10 years - despite the fact that there are complainants among its members - but they have never had a formal intervention, nor have they become plaintiffs. as if the Malvinas Islands Ex-Combatants Center of La Plata (CECIM) has done it.

The press conference will be held at the headquarters of the Veterans Center, 321 O'Higgins Street in the city of Río Grande.


By Agenda Malvinas


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