The one who could be Milei's Chancellor said that, if the Kelpers win, they will be able to choose their own destiny

It offends the memory of the 649 heroes killed in the war, it goes against 63 years of Argentine diplomatic continuity and the UN resolutions that do not recognize the Kelpers as subjects of the right to self-determination.

11 de September de 2023 08:06

Diana Mondino validates British colonialism in the Malvinas and wants to give rights to the population settled on the islands.

Diana Mondino , the main foreign relations advisor to the La Libertad Avanza presidential candidate , told the London newspaper The Telegraph that the islanders should have a say in their own destiny.

The opinion of the possible chancellor in the event that Javier Milei triumphs in the first electoral round on October 22, or in the runoff on November 19 and becomes president of the Nation; It fully coincides with the position of Great Britain and not with Argentina. The United Kingdom proclaims that the islands are British, that the settled population has the right to decide their future and to self-determination. On the other hand, the successive Argentine governments from 1960 onwards maintain as a State policy that the discussion over the Malvinas is with Great Britain not with islanders, who are an established population. And in coincidence with the United Nations, who are not subject to self-determination; which is why within the UN the issue is discussed within the Decolonization Committee.

However, Mondino said he wanted the rights of the islanders to be respected in discussions about future sovereignty, but that they should have a say in their own destiny. An old aspiration of Great Britain dramatized in the Kelpers, when in 2013 through of a referendum without diplomatic value, expressed the independence contradiction of wanting to remain British territory and not a sovereign state.

Mondino told The Telegraph : “The rights of islanders will be respected, they must be respected and they cannot be disrespected. The concept that you can impose on people what you can do or what you should do is "very feudal and naive," the advisor said, overlooking that the true feudal state that has not complied for 190 years with the agreed pacts, with International Law and with the resolutions of the United Nations, is none other than Great Britain.And not only in the case of the Malvinas Islands, but in 12 of the 17 cases dealt with in the Decolonization Committee, in terms of the States and territories that are subject to imperial colonialist arrogance worldwide.

In any case, Javier Milei 's provocative advisor said something true that runs through all areas of the country's public policies; If Argentina seeks to achieve a closer relationship with the Malvinas settlers, it must reduce its level of inflation and “become a normal country.”

“How would someone who was not born or raised in Argentina understand inflation?” said. “Why would anyone want to be part of a society? We need to become a normal country and we are an empty country.”

“If people finally want to do certain things, they will be done. Right now we are in the worst of all worlds, because neither Great Britain nor Argentina can make reasonable use of the resources down there,” Milei 's advisor falsely argued. since the kelpers do use and abuse the exploitation of fishing through succulent concessions that allow them sufficient income to position themselves within the privileged group of States or territories with the highest rate of per capita income in the world.

Therefore, when it comes to regulations on the islands' fishing industry and oil, "we don't even have that for our own resources, but do we impose it on others? Come on! We have Chinese fishing in our factories," You responded on separate issues and not in the confusing way you describe.

"Many years may pass, but no decision can be imposed on other people, neither on Argentines nor on anyone.Decisions can no longer be imposed, that has to end ," Mondino declared.

The woman's disruptive statements add high voltage to the succession of provocative acts that Javier Milei himself has; who has suggested on several occasions that Argentina should adopt a Hong Kong-style approach to diplomacy over the Malvina Islands, with a gradual transfer of sovereignty from Britain.

By Agenda Malvinas


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