Mondino met with Blinken, while the US updated its Antarctica policy

While Mondino and Posse met in the United States with officials, members of Congress and businessmen in Atlantic think tanks, Joe Biden's government published the new national security memorandum on Antarctica reaffirming its interest in the region.

21 de May de 2024 12:57

“Framework Understanding between the Argentine Republic and the United States of America for the Establishment of a High-Level Strategic Dialogue”, reached between the Foreign Minister of Argentina and the US Secretary of State.

Last Thursday Mondino and Posse met with the National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan, at the White House with whom they spoke about the evolution of the bilateral relationship since the inauguration of President Javier Milei . Then they went to Congress where they both met with the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ben Cardin, accompanied by Senator Tim Kaine .

The next day, the Chancellor was received by the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, with whom she analyzed the broad bilateral agenda that has gained renewed momentum since Milei's inauguration . Mondino. signed the “Framework Understanding between the Argentine Republic and the United States of America for the Establishment of a High Level Strategic Dialogue.” This document ratifies the solid state of the bilateral relationship , by establishing an institutionalized will to continue deepening the strategic convergence of both countries , as reported by our Foreign Ministry.

In another demonstration of automatic alignment with the Yankees, Mondino maintained that “our country is willing to actively collaborate to strengthen the strategic relationship with the United States.” adding that it was necessary to advance concrete actions to increase and diversify bilateral trade and investments (it should be remembered that the US is the main investor in our country), facilitate the opening to Argentine exports and promote the inclusion of our country in the Association for Economic Prosperity of the Americas (APEP).


US National Security Memorandum on Antarctica

That same day, Joe Biden signed the new national security memorandum on Antarctica that reaffirms the United States' commitment to "protecting the region" due to its environmental importance and noted that he will consider expanding his fleet of icebreakers to implement his objectives, as as reported by the newspaper Infobae.

These events occur just over a week after we learned of the discovery of enormous oil and gas reserves in Antarctica by the Russian Federation, precisely in the Argentine sector that is also under claim by the governments of Chile and the United Kingdom. , usurper of our Malvinas.

“The United States, represented by the Department of State in the bodies of the ATS (Antarctic Treaty System, according to its acronym in Spanish), will work with international partners through the ATS to promote peace and science in the region, and “foster international cooperation while safeguarding the national interests of the United States ,” the White House said.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship




By Agenda Malvinas


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