The Nation responded to Melella that the power to dismantle the English radar belongs to his government

The response came from the Chief of Staff.

20 de September de 2023 21:53

The English radar in Tierra del Fuego appears as inactive or turned off, but it still continues to receive and transmit data.

A few hours after the note that was sent in a high tone this afternoon by the governor of Tierra del Fuego Gustavo Melella, to the Minister of Defense Jorge Taiana, requiring him to "URGENTLY arbitrate the necessary means to guarantee the definitive and constant inoperability of said installation in Fuegian territory”; in reference to the LeoLabs Argentina SRL radar installed in Tolhuin; and if he doesn't do it he would go to court; It was the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications and Connectivity of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers who responded to the Fuegian president. But this time, letting him know that the competence of what he requested is his. Therefore, the Nation asked the governor to communicate “the measures that, as they fall under provincial jurisdiction, have been taken or will be taken to consolidate the cancellation process, with respect to the following issues that had been implemented by the Government of the Province of Tierra del Fuego prior to the precarious authorization of the Earth Station and after it.”

In enumeration, the note from Undersecretary Mariano Lombardi addressed to Melella ; and that point by point, ratifies and endorses each and every one of the warnings of the Ministry of Defense of the Nation ; advises him to "deregister the aforementioned company in the General Inspection of Justice - which is the body that established it -, taking into account the existence of a British partner in a sensitive corporate object, in a sensitive geographical area and the seriousness that this could imply.”

In the same sense, to revoke “the authorization” in environmental matters “and the request for dismantling, which is necessary considering the implications.” And that, furthermore; is in charge of consolidating the cancellation of the electricity and internet service "through the necessary procedures with the local providers of the province, being essential to materialize the absolute shutdown of the antennas."

In the final point of the note, the Undersecretariat dependent on the Chief of Staff led by the minister and candidate for vice president of Unión por la Patria”, Agustín Rossi; not only makes a new request, but also; It incorporates new information and therefore until now unknown. It asks you to know “if requests for exceptions of any type to carry out imports have ceased, such as the one made in Note 7/23 dated January 13, 2023 by Ms.Minister of Production and Environment of the Province”, Sonia Castiglione , who on that date left in writing as an official opinion of the Melella management , that “...LEOLABS Argentina SRL

By Agenda Malvinas


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