Russia regrets Argentina's request to be a NATO global partner

The Russian authorities reported that they regret our country's request to join NATO. Given this new distancing, it must be remembered that there were previously Milei meetings with US officials and an Argentine shipment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, a nation at war with the Russian Federation.

1 de May de 2024 10:14

"It will not give anyone more security," say the Russian authorities regarding the possibility of Argentina joining NATO.

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said that his government regrets Argentina's request to join NATO as a global partner .

He considered that this is a measure that causes subordination to US interests, adding that it does not generate greater international security.

“We regret it,” said Riabkov about the efforts of Javier Milei's Presidency to be part of the transatlantic military organization.

He argued that “that will definitely not give more security to anyone, but rather will create new ways of subordinating sovereign states,” highlighting the fact that the US is “the hegemonic leader” of NATO . Riabkov's statements were made to the Soviet agency TASS and replicated by the Crónica de Mexico portal.

These considerations occurred after the Argentine Minister of Defense, Luis Petri, presented at NATO headquarters in Brussels the request to include the country as a global member , a figure that only 9 other nations in the world have. .

Previously, a series of approaches and meetings between President Milei and senior American officials and military leaders had taken place.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning the humanitarian aid sent by Argentina to Ukraine (currently at war against Russia), including food, medicine and collaboration for refugees. Help that was highlighted by NATO authorities .

The spokesperson for the Argentine Government, Manuel Adorni, maintained that becoming a global partner of NATO will allow it to improve military capabilities and carry out joint exercises , among other benefits such as participating in strategic decisions.

However, from the beginning of his administration , Javier Milei avoided making reference to the NATO military base installed in the Malvinas Islands and the previous combined exercises between the United Kingdom and North American forces , going so far as to not even repudiate the latest military exercises carried out. by the British usurpers on the islands in the month of March .


By Agenda Malvinas


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