Sturzenegger presented a map of Argentina without the Malvinas

President Milei's star advisor provided an overview of the country at a US university, showing a map of Argentina without the Malvina Islands archipelago or the Argentine Antarctic sector.

14 de February de 2024 13:05

The photograph with the absence of Malvinas and Antarctica appeared yesterday in a Página 12 publication.

Federico Sturzenegger did not want to appear in the National Congress to defend the Omnibus Law - which he acknowledged having collaborated in writing - but he did make time in his agenda to travel to Miami to give a conference to, precisely, talk about the project that has now returned to a clean slate. And in just a 30-minute conference he painted a panorama worthy of the upside-down kingdom, to the point of considering that there is a President willing "to reach consensus" with the opposition blocs.

The star advisor reappeared at the Pan American Forum at the Herbert School of Business at the University of Miami , where he confessed that he worked on the preparation of both the deregulatory DNU and what he called the "Bases Law" and presented what for him is the panorama current of the country.

Just like a parody, totally contrary to everything that happens within the country's borders, Javier Milei's advisor said in the US that Argentina has a President who will agree with the opposition sectors since it does not have a parliamentary majority; that rents dropped 20 percent since the possibility of entering into contracts in dollars was enabled; and he even anticipated a new deregulatory package that will allow, among other things, to print national maps without any authorization. He said all this while, in the background, there was a map of Argentina with the small detail of not including, as national territory, the Malvinas Islands. The Argentine Antarctic sector also did not appear.

A 34 minute and 9 second conference

The conference that Sturzenegger gave lasts, in total, 34 minutes and nine seconds, of which not one hundredth of them is wasted. Below is a review of the main axes of his speech.


The revenge of the DNU against a photo. Sturzenegger said that the main objective of the DNU that bears Milei's signature is to break with a "photograph". The thing is that, according to him, 30 years ago the status quo was made up of "the usual trade unionists and businessmen", who were The objective of sweeping away this image is to "impoverish" them. Thus, plain and simple: to impoverish. What is also strange is that the economists of today and of today have not been included in that photograph. Thirty years ago, although there perhaps wasn't even a need for a photographic record, just a mirror was enough.

"Lower" rents . Milei's star advisor said, accurately, that the signing of the DNU enables - after the modification of the Civil and Commercial Code and the repeal of the Rental Law - to negotiate housing rental contracts for the duration whatever you want and with the currency you want.The parallel reality appears when he talks about the consequences of this measure: while any tenant relates how rental prices went through the roof, for Sturzenegger the value of rentals "fell by 20%."

By Agenda Malvinas


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