New exercises announced by the military forces that usurp the Malvinas Islands

British military forces will conduct combat maneuvers in the South Atlantic, again. As happened at the end of January with a greater deployment, the usurpers warned the population about detonations and overflights.

19 de June de 2024 10:17

There will be overflights, infantry deployment and detonations in areas near the NATO military base.

The new military exercises will take place between June 23 and 29 . There will be around one hundred British soldiers who will be involved in the ground and air maneuvers . It is part of the military actions that they carry out regularly, violating Argentine sovereignty and with the aim of demonstrating their war power .

The main action of the activities will be the Mount Pleasant base , belonging to NATO , where years ago the participation of a North American nuclear-powered submarine was even coordinated.

The spokespersons for the illegitimate Government of the Malvinas Islands, through the MercoPress website, reported that " the deployment of about one hundred combatants can be seen during exercises in Mare Harbor, (Puerto Yegua) between June 23 and 25, then in around Puerto Argentino, between the 26th and 27th, and finally in Goose Green around June 28th and 29th.”

They added that " the purpose of the maneuver is to contribute to the skills and improve the tactics of the infantry corps, as well as the permanent alert in the deterrence of the Malvina Islands."

Likewise, as is usually done every time this type of military exercises are carried out, they recommended that the Kelpers not be surprised by the explosions that they will hear at dawn.

Troop movements will be “starting on June 24 between MPC and Mare Harbor, at the Beagle Bridge on June 26 and on the 28th at Goose Green. There will also be overflights in the morning and afternoon of the 24th, as well as between June 26th and 28th.”

“The exercise is part of the regular tests that are carried out in pursuit of the defense of the Islands,” they indicated in the media related to the interests of the usurpers of the South Atlantic.


By Agenda Malvinas


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