Veteran's Day and those who died in the Malvinas: “Every day we breathe the Malvinas, we live the Malvinas and we defend the Malvinas,” said Governor Melella

The Governor of Tierra del Fuego AIAS, Gustavo Melella, led the official event in Ushuaia in commemoration of the Veteran's Day and those who fell in the Malvinas War, together with the Vice Governor Mónica Urquiza, of the Mayor of Ushuaia, Walter Vuoto, of the President of the Malvinas Ex-Combatants Center of Ushuaia, Conrado Zamora, of the Minister of Defense of the Nation, Jorge Taiana, of the Minister of Culture of the Nation, Tristán Bauer, National Deputies, National Senators, Legislators, Councilors, authorities of the Armed Forces and Security, Ambassadors and Consuls, authorities of the Judiciary, Veterans of the Malvinas War, relatives of the fallen, representatives of various civil society organizations, authorities of the provincial Court of Accounts, members of the Malvinas Question Observatory Advisory Council, various authorities of the national, provincial and local order, flag bearers and escorts of educational institutions, flag bearers and escorts of the Armed and Security Forces and residents of Tierra del Fuego.

3 de April de 2023 09:23

The Malvinas and the South Atlantic Islands are Argentine and Fuegian and we cannot ignore the strategic importance of our region," the president highlighted.

After the raising of the National Flag and singing the verses of the Argentine National Anthem, the authorities present placed offerings in the National Historical Monument “ Héroes de Malvinas”.

In his speech, Governor Melella maintained that “today we have two challenges. The first is to firmly maintain our claim before the world for the illegitimate occupation of our islands. The second is within our country, because it hurts more when we have to explain and defend our right to sovereignty internally.”

“The Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands are Argentine and Fuegian and we cannot ignore the strategic importance of our region. They attack us with the Malvinas, they accuse us of being an expense, they attack our industrial promotion law. I celebrate the unity of the entire political arc Fuegian to resist this attack that we suffer from within,” he added.

Likewise, the president expressed that "I ask the veterans to continue giving us that strength that makes them heroes so as not to give in to the attacks of those in our country who defend British interests and not Argentine ones. The Malvinas are Argentine and not "They are exchanged for vaccines, for natural resources or for monetary aid. Every day we breathe Malvinas, we live Malvinas and we defend Malvinas and we will continue to do so until we recover the effective exercise of sovereignty over our islands."

For his part, the President of the Center of Former Malvinas Combatants of Ushuaia, Conrado Zamora, indicated that “I want to thank the national and provincial authorities. Thanks to the Governor, to the Mayor.The province has a state policy of remembering Malvinas not only on April 2 but all year round.

By Agenda Malvinas


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