The government sends a single ship to control illegal fishing in 4500 km of sea

As a satire of the looting that Argentina suffers, the Milei administration sends a single ocean patrol vessel to control the 500 foreign fishing vessels that gratuitously destroy the country's resources.

16 de January de 2024 12:47

The ARA Cordero, the last of the four patrol vessels purchased from the French Naval Group.

This is the ARA ship “Contraalmirante Cordero”, the fourth and last of the oceanic patrol vessels from France, which were acquired as part of the “ Maritime Naval Patrol Capacity Recovery Project” carried out by the Navy; and which is currently moored at the Mar del Plata Naval Base, next to the ARA “Bouchard” , received in February 2020; to the ARA “Piedrabuena”, received in June 2021; and to the ARA “Storni”, which arrived in December of the same year.

On this occasion, the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri , planned to launch this Monday from that military base, a new operation to monitor and control illegal fishing in the South Atlantic; but only with the ARA “Almirante Cordero”.

Different media outlets indicated that the ship that will be in charge of patrolling to prevent the presence of foreign fishing vessels without authorization in the Exclusive Economic Zone , which extends up to a distance of 200 nautical miles beyond the outer limit of the territorial sea.

The ship's plan is to sail to Ushuaia, where it plans to arrive on January 22.

By Agenda Malvinas


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