The Fuegian government “will make use of all legal tools” to stop the port project in the Malvinas

It is due to the Kelpers' new attempt to build a port to enhance plunder through fishing, oil, tourism, Antarctic and scientific exploitation.

10 de November de 2023 11:08

He warned that "he will make use of all legal tools" to stop the progress of the work.

The secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs of Tierra del Fuego, Andrés Dachary said that in the event that the British usurpation government in the Malvinas Islands advances with the project to construct a deep-water port, it will be “will make use of all legal tools at our disposal in pursuit of the defense of our legitimate rights.”

“Just as we did with the company BAM Nuttal for attempting to design and build a port in #Malvinas without the proper authorization from the provincial authorities, we will proceed in the same way with each company that does not know the Fuegian jurisdiction over our Islands,” said the official; without clarifying that, until now; The legal actions taken in August 2021 against BAM Nuttall Limited did not have any punitive effect.

By Agenda Malvinas


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