The national government trivializes the information about the alleged flights from Chile to the Malvinas

The Ministry of Defense chooses not to make the information it has official, but instead gives it to friends of the press, so that the collaboration that Chile provides to Great Britain in terms of flights to the Malvinas, is only a “journalistic version.” coming from “high military sources.”

3 de August de 2022 17:56

That the planes have flown the Punta Arenas - Malvinas route is just a presumption of the Argentine government and not a certainty.

The five planes detected by the Argentine Aerospace Command and that supposedly flew from Punta Arenas, Chile, to the British military base of Monte Agradable, in the Malvinas, could constitute, in the first place, the ratification that the facilities that Great Britain possesses to enter and leave the islands usurped from Argentina, they enjoy the privileged support of the same South American countries that support the Argentine claim in the United Nations Decolonization Committee, in favor of diplomatic “dialogue” to resolve the sovereign dispute.

What is striking, secondly, is that the National Government, the Aerospace Command, the Ministry of Defense, Minister Jorge Taiana or the General Director of Press and Communication of that portfolio, Milagros Malamud , chose not to make the information official, but hand it over to a couple of friendly media outlets, so that its dissemination is a “journalistic version” coming from “high-ranking military sources.”

The origin of the published information arises from the RPA-170M tactical radar recently installed north of the city of Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, which - according to the information from the Ministry of Defense itself - does not have the capacity to know, verify and affirm what was the final destination of those flights, nor the type of aircraft. This is because, with a maximum coverage range of 315 kilometers, the device could have effectively detected where they took off from and the course set by the planes, but not that they have landed in the Malvinas, which is located at a distance of 520 kilometers, that is, outside their coverage range.

Consequently, that they have carried out the Punta Arenas - Malvinas route is only a presumption and not a certainty. A hypothesis as open as that the aircraft have not gone to Malvinas, but to South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, the Republic of Congo or Namibia.

The seriousness of the journalistic complaint leaves two questions open: 1) the Air Force, the Ministry of Defense... in short, the country does not have the capacity with its radars and its satellite system to know with precision and certainty what type of planes crossed and they cross the Argentine sky and their final destination; or 2) the government has full knowledge and capacity to reliably verify it, but has no will to take charge of the situation; and before reporting at a press conference - with Taina and those responsible for the Aerospace Command at the helm -, they trivialize the facts with leaks to the press, so as not to have to publicly acknowledge that they are aware of the existence of a swarm of planes that They enter and leave the Malvina Islands, not only from Chile, Brazil and Uruguay, but very possibly from private airports on the mainland of Argentina itself.

40 years after the war, to malvinize is, above all, to tell the truth. To be honest, to inform the People of the Nation accurately and in detail about the condition of vulnerability and dispossession of the country as a consequence of the British colonial occupation and the presence of a NATO military base in the Malvinas. Officially, and if it seems appropriate, on national television . Not doing so is de-malvinizing .


J.Daniel Guzman

Malvinas Combatant Soldier

Director of Agenda Malvinas

By Agenda Malvinas


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