The Fuegian legislature made a request for reports to the provincial Executive through the English radar in Tolhuin

The legislature of Tierra del Fuego resolved to submit to Governor Gustavo Melella a request for a report to know the main aspects surrounding the installation of the LEOLABS radar, under the figure of two British companies; near the town of Tolhuin.

13 de July de 2023 07:45

The Executive has 20 days to respond to the presence of the field of antennas that make up the British radar installed in the center of the Big Island.

The matter that was approved this Wednesday the 12th, in the second annual ordinary session of the Fuegian parliament; 27 days after it became public through the press, that the installation of the antenna field in Tierra del Fuego and which constitute the radar, belong to two companies from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; one from Ireland (LEOLABS LIMITED) and another based in London (LEOLABS SPACE HOLDINGS LIMITED) ; both with subsidiaries in Ushuaia.

They give the Executive a period of 20 days and it is a project that unifies the requests made by the radical legislator Federico Sciurano , by his bloc partner, Liliana Martínez Allende , and by the representative of the Green Party, Victoria Vuoto .

After the Session, Commission 7 , of the Malvinas, South Atlantic and Antarctica, was established, chaired by the radical Sciurano , in which the Secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic and International Affairs, Andrés Dachary , participated, without them being officially known. the details of it.


The joint resolution approved:






Article 1.- Request the Executive Branch to, through the corresponding area, send to this Chamber supporting and legible documentation within a period of no more than twenty (20) days, in relation to the radar installed by the company LeoLabs in the town of Tolhuin detailing the following:

a) in relation to the company LeoLabs:

1.origin of it, its activities at a global level;

2.all available information about the subsidiary in Argentina; and

3.about the company's subsidiary in the province:

3.1. date of registration, list of declared persons, positions and their tax conditions, declared activity, declared capital and all the information recorded in the registration; and

3.2.list of personnel hired by the company for all types of tasks and their tax conditions.


b) in relation to the physical installation of the radar in Tolhuin:

1.attach the installation project;

2.payrolls of companies that carried out all types of works and services for their installation and the way in which these works were paid; and

3. If the electrical service is provided by the Provincial Energy Directorate, indicate if the DPE charged for all installation services, reporting all the materials used, their origins, attaching the billing for said work.


c) on the agreements and permits for the installation of radar in the Province:

1.whether the provincial government was aware that the company LeoLabs is a British company specialized in space management through surveillance, monitoring and derived data analytics;

2.if the provincial government had participation in defining the location for the installation;

3.if the LeoLabs company has acquired or rents the property in El Relincho, in any case attach all documentation for the economic operation, especially currency transfers;

4.attach the agreements and reports that the Province used to authorize the installation;

5.attach the evaluations carried out by the corresponding provincial organizations for authorization;

6.attach related provincial decrees; and

7.Attach information from the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Chief of Staff and all of which the Province used to authorize the installation.


d) about radar as a report:

1.technical characteristics and heights in the airspace in which the radar operates;

2.if the radar obtains information within the sovereign space of Argentina;

3.if the radar obtains information about the airspace of Antarctica, Argentina, the Malvinas Islands, the continent and neighboring countries;

4.the information obtained by the radar for which it is used;

5.if the information obtained can be used for war purposes;

6.the information obtained as and where it is sent;

7.technical personnel working at the facility; and

8.time it was in operation until it was taken out of service.


Article 2.- Require the President of the Legislature to request from the organizations involved, according to the attached note, information related to the installation of a radar antenna in the town of Tolhuin, based on the roles that each institution there had to be executed.

Apply to the following organizations:

             Chief of Staff of the Nation;

             Secretariat of Public Innovation;

             Undersecretary of Communications and Connectivity of the Ministry of National Defense;

             Argentine Embassy in the USA;

             Undersecretary of Trade and Investment Promotion of the Argentine Foreign Ministry;

             National Council for Scientific and Technical Research; and

             National University of La Plata.


Article 3.- Communicate, register and archive.-



ANNEX – Model note


Mr.Chief of Staff of the Nation

Don Agustín ROSSI


                We request information from you related to the process of authorization, location, installation and operation of the LeoLabs company earth station near the city of Tolhuin, Tierra del Fuego and the interventions carried out by the Secretary of Public Innovation and the Undersecretary of Communications and Connectivity, dependent on that Chief of Staff.

By Agenda Malvinas


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