The Armed Forces begin to install a joint military garrison in Tolhuin

This is a combat unit that will move to the center of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, with the aim of reinforcing the presence of the Armed Forces in the southernmost province of Argentina.

7 de October de 2023 12:52

Confirmation of the announcement made in 2022 was made on April 4 by Defense Minister Jorge Taiana.

The authorities of the Argentine Army and the mayor of the Municipality of Tolhuin, Daniel Harrigton ; This week they signed the agreement for the transfer of land where the Tierra del Fuego Joint Military Garrison will begin to be installed.

The initial facilities will be built to accommodate the first contingent that will materialize the deployment of personnel in the area.

This is a military unit that will move to the center of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, with the aim of reinforcing the presence of the Armed Forces in the southern province of the country.

The confirmation of the announcement made in 2022 was made last April 4 in Tierra del Fuego by the Minister of Defense Jorge Taiana, after having participated in the events for the 41 years of the Argentine landing in the Malvinas; in a visit he made to the sector with the Chief of Staff, Héctor Mazzei; the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Juan Martín Paleo; the head of the Air Force, Brigadier General Xavier Julián Isaac; the head of the Navy, Admiral Julio Horacio Guardia; the head of the Army, Lieutenant General Guillermo Olegario Pereda; the national deputy and president of the Foreign Relations Commission, Eduardo Valdés and the director of the Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands Museum, Edgardo Esteban.

The document approves the delivery of a 3,211 square meter property, at the eastern head of Lake Khami or Fagnano, within the urban ejido of the municipality of Tolhuin.

  There the construction of the facilities will be completed that will also allow the accommodation of a first contingent of soldiers, which will materialize the gradual and permanent deployment of Army personnel in said location.

As detailed, the control of said establishment and the actions of the personnel in the area will be in charge of the “Escalón Adelantado Río Grande” , the group made up of a group of officers and non-commissioned officers that was deployed in the Fuegian commune at the beginning of this year with the objective of taking the first steps to create the new military unit. At the end of January, all the material and vehicles for its provision were disembarked in the port of Ushuaia.

The agreement between the Argentine Army and the Municipality of Tolhuin

The space where the works will be carried out for the Tierra del Fuego joint military garrison was chosen after a commission - made up of the general director of Engineers and Infrastructure of the Army, the head of the Río Grande Advanced Echelon, military engineering officers, architects and non-commissioned officers - will carry out topographical work on site.

Regarding the installation of the new military unit, the authorities stressed that it is "of vital importance due to its particular geographical location." In this sense, they explained that it will allow increasing the presence of the armed forces in this region of the country, in addition to train and prepare its members to fulfill the different tasks that the National Defense imposes on them in the south of Argentina.

Likewise, they detailed that the area can also be used as a base both for practices prior to Antarctic campaigns - given that instruction in mobility, survival and technical activities in extremely cold climates is required - and for the use of the specific material to be used in the Antarctica during the development of the winter and summer campaigns."In addition, it is suitable for the training of Army divers and other armed forces, by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, and the use of material and adaptation of personnel to operations in icy waters," they noted.

The initiative announced in 2022

The signing of the agreement was carried out between the mayor of Tolhuin Daniel Harrington ; the Head of the Delegation of the General Staff of the Army “Ushuaia”, Colonel César Hernán Maiztegui Marcó ; the Chief of the Río Grande Advanced Echelon, Colonel Víctor Hugo Olivarez and members of the Argentine Naval Prefecture .

The initiative arose from a resolution of the Ministry of Defense published in 2022, launched with the objective of “progressively strengthening the training of its personnel in that geographical area.”

The project consists of two stages. In the first of them, already completed, the delimitation and demarcation of the property where the future facilities will be built was carried out. The arrival of the contingent was also facilitated, which then developed the leveling, the service networks and the perimeter fences.

The second stage, which will begin in the coming weeks, where the Army plans to begin works on the property, consolidate the Army's command and logistics presence in Río Grande (air-naval gateway to the island), and progressively strengthen training in the area of forces displaced for short periods of time. In addition, they had announced that in the medium term they plan to build training tracks, polygons and other support means.

By Agenda Malvinas


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