Antarctic ice submarine anchors double their retreat

More than a third of these frozen moorings have decreased in size in 24 years.

25 de February de 2024 11:57

The widespread acceleration and dislodging of ice shelves in the western Antarctic Peninsula and the Amundsen Sea began in the 1990s.

Underwater ice anchors that help prevent Antarctic land ice from sliding into the ocean are shrinking at more than double the rate of 50 years ago.

As research shows, More than a third of these frozen moorings, known as anchor points, have decreased in size since the turn of the century.

Scientists warn that further deterioration of the anchors, which hold in place the floating ice sheets that strengthen Antarctica's land ice, would accelerate the continent's contribution to sea level rise.

Floating ice sheets line 75 percent of Antarctica's coast and cover an area equivalent to the size of Greenland.

The findings are part of the first study of changes in the thickness of Antarctic ice shelves (expanses of land ice that float in the ocean) dating back to 1973.

By Agenda Malvinas


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