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Melella expressed himself against British colonialism that prevented Malvinas from being part of the Fuegian electoral process

Addressing the English ambassador, the re-elected Fuegian leader charged against Great Britain for preventing the democratic decision of electing its governor from being exercised throughout the province.

17 de May de 2023 09:13

"In honor of the Malvinas Cause, we defend our legitimate sovereign rights," said Melella.

After having been re-elected in office by 51.2% of the votes, the governor of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, Gustavo Melella , spoke out against Great Britain for preventing the electoral process from taking place “ in the entire Fuegian territory , as the Malvinas Islands were “occupied for more than 190 years by a foreign power.”

On his Twitter account, the provincial leader conveyed his opposition and complaint to the ambassador of the United Kingdom in Argentina, Kirsty Hayes : “I cannot fail to express our deepest regret and repudiation for this anachronistic colonial situation that affects us every day. and that his government is the only one responsible,” he said.

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