Milei moderates his statements and says that the Malvinas can be recovered like China can recover Hong Kong

After having defended the actions of the British usurpers, Javier Milei takes up old arguments and now maintains that to recover the Malvinas the Hong Kong model can be followed.

14 de May de 2024 13:08

Milei has photographs of Margaret Thatcher, Rolnald Reagan and Carlos Menem in her office.

In a new interview with international media, President Javier Milei once again exposed his fanaticism for the figure of Margaret Thatcher , the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, who ordered the sinking of the Cruiser General Belgrano outside the exclusion area during the Malvinas War. in 1982.

Furthermore, the Argentine president compared the claim for the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands with what happened between China and the British for the possession of Hong Kong.

Although he maintained that “it will take years,” Milei considered that the South Atlantic controversy “has to be resolved through diplomatic means, with the model that China used in the case of Hong Kong.”

The journalistic note was carried out by the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio , and the media outlet highlighted the striking decoration of the president's office , including posters of Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, a photo of former president Carlos Menem and a shirt of the Argentine national team. soccer.

"We claim the sovereignty of the islands, we consider that the Malvinas Islands are Argentine (...) and are being occupied by the United Kingdom," said the president. "And we consider that this has to be resolved through diplomatic means, with the model that “used China in the case of Hong Kong.”

It is worth remembering that in the case of said Asian region , sovereignty was returned to China in 1997 after the colonial rule of British pirates.

At the same time, as Milei interpreted, the recovery of the Malvinas "is going to take years, but it seems valuable to me to resolve it through diplomatic means."

“At some point there may be a window for it to be done and at others there may not be. Let's say, if it can't be done today, there are other things we can work on," said the head of the national Executive.

By Agenda Malvinas


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