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They paid tribute to the crew of the General Belgrano Cruise on the 41st anniversary of its sinking

The governor, Gustavo Melella, together with the vice-governor, Mónica Urquiza and the president of the Center of Ex-Combatants of Malvinas in Ushuaia, Conrado Zamora, led - in Ushuaia - the tribute act to the 1093 crew members who defended the territorial integrity and full sovereignty of the ARA General Belgrano, on the 41st Anniversary of the sinking.

3 de May de 2023 08:42

"It is a war crime on the part of Great Britain," said the Fuegian governor.

In addition, a heartfelt tribute was paid to the 323 heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice of offering their lives for their country and rest, as eternal sentinels of our cause, in the waters of the South Atlantic.  

In this regard, the Governor indicated that “it is a heartfelt tribute to those who fell in the ARA Belgrano; for the survivors; for our War Veterans, where 41 years have passed since a sentence that for us, clearly, is a war crime by Great Britain, which to this day has never apologized to Argentina.”

“The people of Tierra del Fuego say it constantly, Malvinas is a real part of our territory,” said the Provincial President, reiterating that “we are the only province in the country that has its legal territory, illegitimately occupied. So today, we are remembering them, and “We claim our rights over the Malvinas every day.”

During the event, the Chief of Staff of the Southern Naval Area, Captain of the Frigate, Ángel Gustavo Vildoza and the Veteran of the Malvinas War, Captain of the Frigate -retired- and member of the Friends of the ARA Cruise Association General Belgrano and vice president of the Malvinas Observatory, Ricardo Verón , remembered what happened on May 2, 1982, honoring the courage and loyalty of the heroes who lost their lives in fulfillment of their commitment to the Argentine people.

As part of the recognition and tribute, the authorities formally presented the Malvinas Ex-Combatants with the commemorative coins for the Anniversary of the South Atlantic conflict, called “Malvinas Unites Us” - which were delivered throughout the country - to the Former Combatants of Malvinas.

Likewise, the authorities present placed floral offerings at the Monument to the 323 Heroes of the Cruise.

The secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands and International Relations, Andrés Dachary , participated in the event -in Ushuaia; male and female legislators; ministers and secretaries of the Provincial Executive; authorities of the Municipality of Ushuaia; of the Judiciary; members of the Armed and Security Forces; Former Malvinas Combatants; children and relatives of surviving War Veterans of the crew of the ARA General Belgrano Cruise; members of the Last Cruise Crew Association; Heirs of the Malvinas Cause; members of the Malvinas Question Observatory Advisory Council and members of the Sanmartiniana Cultural Association of Ushuaia.

While, in Río Grande, the event organized by the Malvinas Argentinas War Veterans Center, took place at the ARA General Belgrano Monument. They were accompanied by Secretaries of State, Secretaries of the Provincial Government, municipal authorities, Legislators, Councilors, representatives of the Armed and Security Forces, Volunteer Firefighters, Malvinas Generation Group and war veterans.

The speech was given by Emanuel Trocello , a member of Generación Malvinas and son of a survivor of the Cruise, who recounted the events that occurred and highlighted the bravery and courage of the crew members and rescuers. At the same time, he expressed his pride in belonging to a generation who continues the struggle of his parents and renewed his commitment to instill the Malvinas Question in the next generations.

Then, the authorities present placed floral offerings and a minute of silence was held to commemorate those who fell in the sinking.

By Agenda Malvinas


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