The Fuegian government removed the environmental authorization from the English radar, but on a non-existent company

Without making it known despite the public significance, the Ministry of Production and Environment decided to remove the authorization from LEOLABS SRL, when the environmental permits granted were in favor of LEOLABS INC and LEOLABS ARGENTINA SRL.

14 de September de 2023 12:29

Connected to the electrical grid provided by the DPE and to the fiber optic internet, the British radar continues to function.

Always playing obscurantism, which means installing silence and oblivion; The government of Tierra del Fuego issued the statement on Tuesday the 5th of this year without making it public; Resolution 860/2023 by which it leaves “without effect” Resolutions 201/2022 and 262/2022 of June and July of last year, respectively; emanated from the Secretariat of the Environment of the Province , through which “the Project Notice Guide corresponding to the construction and operation of a Nidas 1D Radar, in the Ea.

By Agenda Malvinas


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