They accuse the Ministry of Defense of falsifying information to hide the true reasons for several deaths in the Malvinas

War veterans and human rights organizations affirm that the Ministry of Defense of the Nation provides false data about the deaths of several soldiers during the 1982 war, “to hide the responsibility of the high military commands.”

31 de May de 2023 09:11

The Armed Forces set up a counterintelligence plan to make the causes of these deaths invisible and hide the torture and serious violations of human rights.

The National Ministry of Defense published an interactive map that represents the place and circumstance in which each soldier died during the Malvinas War . However, the registry falsifies or omits information to hide the responsibility of senior military commanders in these deaths.

The Provincial Commission for the Memory of the Province of Buenos Aires (CPM) and the Ex-Combatants Centers of La Plata and Berisso warned that, from the moment the war ended, the Armed Forces set up a counterintelligence plan to make the causes of these deaths and conceal the torture and serious violations of human rights perpetrated by superiors against conscript soldiers, crimes that remain unpunished.  

In compliance with a rule of the Assembly from the year (Our Fallen in Malvinas ( There the place and circumstance of death are represented, and a short biographical summary.

As warned by the Provincial Commission for Memory (CPM) , the former combatant centers Islas Malvinas de La Plata (CECIM) and Berisso (CEVECIM) in a note to Minister Jorge Taiana , the registry incurs a list of serious omissions or falsehoods which,far from honoring the dead, distorts the truth and even more seriously attempts to hide the responsibility of the Armed Forces for these deaths.

“Many of these deaths were not due to an enemy shot, nor even occurred in a heroic action, but rather absurd deaths caused by the Argentine military themselves, who did not transform them into martyrs but rather victims of state terrorism transferred to the island sector where "The war events took place in 1982 , " the organizations stated in the note to the Minister of Defense of the Nation.

The attempt to hide those responsible for having prevented these deaths and even producing them is not a new operation by the Armed Forces, from the moment the Malvinas war ended the military dictatorship set up an intelligence and counterintelligence plan to cover up the reasons or circumstances of these deaths.

According to the Ministry's website, soldier Rito Portillo died on May 2 . However, it is known that Portillo died on the night of May 4 from the shots fired by the then corporal Segundo Cabrera; Despite the differences between them that the superiors were aware of, both were assigned to the same unit. This case, which was covered up by the military commanders, is reported in the case that investigates torture and serious human rights violations committed on the islands.

The death of Hector Rolla is recorded on June 14 at Mount Longdon; According to data reported in the War diaries, declassified in 2015, his death was on June 7, days before the combat where the British paratroopers attacked the positions of the 7th Regiment.Witnesses to his death said that that morning they found Private Rolla convulsing outside his position and that, in the previous days, he had been very weak due to hunger.

By Agenda Malvinas


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