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Argentina closed with Norway the purchase of aircraft for military use

The Ministry of Defense concluded an agreement with Norway for the acquisition of 4 P-3 Orion aircraft for a value of 67 million dollars.

19 de May de 2023 09:37

In 1982, the P-3 Orion Neptune operated during the 74 days of the conflict with Great Britain.

In parallel to the negotiations that the Ministry of Defense is carrying out for the purchase of supersonic aircraft, Argentina has already closed an agreement with Norway for the acquisition of 4 Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion long-range maritime exploration aircraft that the Navy will use to the control of illegal fishing in the South Atlantic up to mile 200.

This is a purchase for more than 67 million dollars that Norway will finance over three years. These P-3 Orion aircraft will serve the Navy to reinforce the control tasks they carry out in the Argentine Sea due to illegal fishing. that advances indiscriminately.

In the latest report by the Chief of Staff, Agustín Rossi , to the Congress that took place last week, it was detailed that "there are advanced conversations with the Kingdom of Norway for the acquisition of 3/4 P3 aircraft along with all the logistical support that allows a system sustained over time for the next 20 years".

However, qualified sources from the Ministry of Defense led by Jorge Taiana confirmed to El Cronista that the agreement with Norway for the purchase of the Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion aircraft has already been closed. The negotiations were closed with the Norwegian Defense Materials Agency. (NDMA for its acronym in English) dependent on the Norwegian Ministry of Defense. The issue has already been analyzed in detail by Defense and authorities of the Argentine Navy.

As it was learned, the agreement with Norway includes an agreement with the United States since currently two of the four aircraft offered are in Washington for maintenance services and to be inspected. The remaining two aircraft that will be purchased are operational and in flight. in Norway until next June and July, at which time they will be relocated to the United States and then sent to Argentina.

The P-3 Orion aircraft are characterized by being long-range exploration aircraft with wide versatility and the possibility of carrying out different missions, from patrolling and controlling maritime spaces and SAR search as well as anti-submarine flights. The technology they have is totally digital.

All the negotiations that were carried out with Norway take place in parallel to the negotiations that Argentina began with China, the United States and Denmark for the purchase of the JF-17 supersonic aircraft. These negotiations are not yet closed and are part of a geopolitical game where Washington and Beijing are facing each other.

Technical details

Regarding the P-3 Orion, Navy and Defense technicians assure that these Norwegian aircraft can cover an extensive radius of action of 1,500 nautical miles (2780 km), added to their autonomy of 12 hours of flight, which It will allow you to seamlessly cover the Argentine maritime coastline, the continental shelf and the Argentine Antarctic, allowing you to remain in a specific zone or area for prolonged periods.

It is estimated that these aircraft have the capacity to operate in all types of weather and allow operation from any base or airport on the maritime coast, which facilitates their presence in a certain area in a relatively short period of time, essential for a SAR search. .(search & resque.Search and Rescue)

It was also detailed that these aircraft have the capacity to carry different search sensors, such as radars and camera systems, associated with the corresponding communications systems that allow the collection, processing and transmission of data in real time.Likewise, they have a wide variety of elements used for search and SAR assistance, such as flares, sea line for castaways, as well as those necessary for anti-submarine and anti-surface action.

These long-range exploration aircraft have a service life extension program, consisting of the complete replacement of the wings, which allows them to have, on average, an individual remainder of 17,000 flight hours.

Norway's offer to Argentina was US$67 million, the financing of which is planned with the Norwegian Government Agency NDMA to be settled, over a period of three (3) years (30%, 40% and 30% respectively each year), according to qualified Defense sources who were in charge of the negotiations.

In addition, this negotiation includes the equipment installed on the aircraft as well as prior maintenance tasks.

"The opportunity to acquire the aircraft is ideal, since Norway deprograms them and closes its base, finding the aircraft in a very good state of maintenance, conservation and operation.

By Agenda Malvinas


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