They confirm the suspension of an article of the presidential DNU 70/23 that eliminates the Land Law

By confirming a precautionary measure from CECIM, the Federal Court of Appeals of La Plata suspended the entry into force of article 154 of the DNU that eliminates the Land Law. The former combatants denounce that the presidential decree aims to foreignize national lands.

15 de May de 2024 13:51

First there was a declaration of unconstitutionality of the repeal of the Land Law and now the precautionary measure was confirmed so that article 154 of the Presidential decree does not come into force.

The lawyer for the Malvinas Islands Ex-Combatants Center of La Plata (CECIM), Jerónimo Guerrero Iraola, confirmed the suspension of article DNU 70/23 through which the presidential administration of J avier Milei intended to repeal the Land Law .

Through the social network On the other hand, he commented that the modification by Decree of Necessity and Urgency with which Milei seeks to cancel the Land Law sanctioned during the Cristina Kirchner government remains suspended .

“In a resolution, the La Plata Federal Court of Appeals today (yesterday), on the one hand, partially granted the extraordinary appeal presented by the National Executive Branch against the ruling that declared article 154 of DNU 70/23 unconstitutional (we will the Court) - explained the lawyer -. The same day, in another resolution, the same Chamber confirms the precautionary measure that SUSPENDS the entry into force of article 154 of the DNU until the substance of the matter is resolved." “THE LAND LAW IS STILL IN FORCE, DAMN IT!”, highlighted the lawyer.

Weeks ago, the CECIM representatives had been received by former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner , who distinguished them for their judicial actions against the Decree of Necessity and Urgency No. 70/2023.

At that time, the leader of Unión Por la Patria highlighted “the great legal and political triumph that the declaration of unconstitutionality of the repeal of the Land Law meant,” and added that “this repeal allowed, without a doubt, the “foreignization of our national territory.”

From the CECIM they managed to challenge the repeal of the norm through a collective protection , taking into account that the arguments to reject Milei's decree were validated by Chamber III of the Federal Chamber of La Plata.


By Agenda Malvinas


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