Defense puts radars to control the same flights to which the Foreign Ministry opens the door

A plane flew from Comodoro Rivadavia and is in Malvinas.

12 de September de 2023 21:23

This Monday at 09:33 in the morning, the Pipper Aerostar 600, Registration: LV-MEG of the company Rappallini SA, flew from Comodoro Rivadavia to the Malvinas Islands, and until last night, it was in Puerto Argentino.

This Monday at 09:33 in the morning, the Pipper Aerostar 600 , Registration: LV-MEG of the company Rappallini SA, dedicated to providing services “to the oil, gas and mining industries”, flew from Comodoro Rivadavia to the Islands. Malvinas, and until last night, was on the platform of the Puerto Argentino airfield.

According to the FlightAware application, the twin-engine aircraft traveled from El Palomar to Comodoro Rivadavia on Thursday morning, the 7th. It remained there until Monday the 11th, when after four days of stay; It united the oil city of Chubut with the main city of the islands usurped by Great Britain.

It is the same aircraft that on Sunday, April 23, also made the El Palomar Comodoro Rivadavia route, which two days later flew to Malvinas; where after a 7-day stay – on Tuesday, May 2 – he returned from Puerto Argentino to the El Palomar airport in Morón.

Who uses the plane? What are the reasons why people travel on the Pipper? What activities do individuals carry out in the Malvinas Islands on board a plane linked exclusively to hydrocarbon activity? And to what extent are they professionals? and/or companies have joint or similar activities between Comodoro Rivadavia and the Malvinas Islands? ; Only those who command the pro-British Chancellery of Buenos Aires know it and know it well; who authorize this and dozens of flights between the continental national area and the archipelago, as well as from Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and who knows what other countries.

The permissiveness of the government of Alberto Fernández in the figures of Chancellor Santiago Cafiero, the Secretary of Malvinas Guillermo Carmona and the colonialist cancer that has gained life and control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina ; they corrode and erode, among many others; the work and objectives of the Ministry of Defense of the Nation , which even with permanent budget cuts managed to deploy a constellation of radars in the south, which allows knowing and identifying military and civil flights destined for the Malvinas and making possible the compliance with the First Transitory Provision of the Constitution , referring to the defense of sovereign rights over usurped territories.

An absurd aberration at the same level as the expressions of the advisor to the presidential candidate Javier Milei , in matters of Foreign Relations, the economist Diana Mondino ; whose idea is that, if they win the next elections, the Kelpers will decide on the future of Malvinas.In this case, but silently; executing actions that effectively guarantee British colonial consolidation in the South Atlantic.

The company, according to data uploaded to linkedin ; It has a central office at 1559 Rivadavia Avenue, 1st floor, office C of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and has “branches in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and Punta Arenas, Chile.”

  “Our highly trained staff, our facilities and equipment allow us to provide our clients with a tailored solution, taking advantage of the latest technological advances thanks to our agreements with leading companies worldwide,” Rappallini SA highlights as a strength.

By Agenda Malvinas


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