The mayor of Río Grande was elected Secretary of Malvinas and National Sovereignty in the Federation of Municipalities

The head of the municipal Executive of the north of Tierra del Fuego, Martín Perez, made a critical reference to the national management of Javier Milei due to the policies regarding sovereignty. Then, he issued a statement rejecting Britain's unilateral actions for hydrocarbon exploitation in the South Atlantic.

6 de July de 2024 10:43

Perez considered that the national government of La Libertad Avanza promotes "the logic of demalvinization, decapitalization of the State and foreignization of strategic resources."

The Argentine Federation of Municipalities is the organization that brings together all the country's municipalities before national and provincial authorities and international organizations. The Mayor of Río Grande, Martín Perez, was appointed Secretary of Malvinas and National Sovereignty within the framework of the renewal of the organization's authorities .

The president considered that "from the municipalities we assume the responsibility of defending the interests of our communities and joining forces around an agenda in defense of National Sovereignty" , taking into account that "the logic of demalivinization, decapitalization of the State and foreignization of “strategic resources go against the interests of Argentines.”

Regarding the place that the Secretariat of Malvinas and National Sovereignty has in the FAM, he highlighted that “it is the instrument that the country's mayors have created to strengthen the Malvinas Cause as a State policy, a flag of unity of our cities and a strategic agenda of the Nation".

Finally, he emphasized that “sovereignty is a comprehensive concept” and that is why “we will work to protect national interests in relation to our natural resources, technological development and the defense of the strategic territories of our Bicontinental Argentina.”

After the appointment, the Secretary of Malvinas and National Sovereignty of the FAM issued a statement in which the unilateral actions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain are categorically rejected in relation to hydrocarbon exploitation in the Malvinas Islands , a project that contemplates the extraction of 500 million barrels of oil 200 km north of the archipelago , violating UN resolutions and current Argentine legislation on said territory.

Likewise, through said document, they urge the National Government to, through the Foreign Ministry , formally and urgently condemn this procedure before the international community, as well as initiate the corresponding diplomatic efforts to stop these actions that They attack the sovereign rights and economic interests of our country.

By Agenda Malvinas


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