The Fuegian Museum of Art inaugurates the photographic exhibition with unpublished material about the Malvinas War

The opening of the exhibition 'Malvinas.

19 de September de 2022 11:56

It tells through images how the military aligned public media to narrate a censored and curtailed war.

This is graphic and audiovisual material from the Télam Agency archive, which will be exhibited on a traveling basis in the provinces of Tierra del Fuego, Chaco, San Juan, Buenos Aires, San Luis, Misiones, Catamarca and Formosa, among others.

In relation to the exhibition, the secretary of Culture of the province, Lucía Rossi , stated that “it is unpublished material that had not been shown at the community level,” while adding: “it is a great joy to have this exhibition in the MFA that, from the Télam Agency, have proposed in different locations in the country, to hold a joint inauguration and federalize all this production that, for many years, was hidden from the population."

Along these lines, he reported that “it will be starting this Monday the 19th at 4 p.m. at the MFA, where the exhibition will open,” and mentioned that “it will not be with an opening ceremony, but rather a community invitation for people to “go tour it”

Likewise, he noted that “the exhibition will be on the ground floor of the museum until the end of the month,” and that “it is important to emphasize that they are historical images that have survived thefts and illegal sales suffered for many years and were obtained by their special envoys to the islands during the war conflict of 1982.”

Finally, he invited “the entire community to attend to see these archives that are really very relevant to the war conflict, to the history of all Argentinians and, above all, to the Fuegians who support this cause and “This sovereign claim towards the illegitimate occupation of the islands and towards this beloved territory that belongs to us and that we long for.”

By Agenda Malvinas


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