SO FAR IN 2022: The National State paid ex-combatants more than 1,000 million pesos for the aftermath of the war

Between January and October of this year, the Financial Aid Institute (IAF) settled more than 1,055 million pesos in the form of registrations and retroactive payments for life pensions provided for by Law 24,310 and granted to former Malvinas combatants who suffered disabilities during the war conflict of 1982.

10 de November de 2022 00:10

40 years after the war, the National State did not complete the psychophysical evaluation of the Malvinas ex-combatants

The amount executed in 2022 and its projection until December 31; It is the second most important in the last six years; after $2,275,404,959 pesos were paid in 2021 and strong progress was made in the regularization of hundreds of cases, which already existed for decades; with supporting medical and psychiatric certifications carried out by the military organizations themselves.

The registration of lifetime pensions for disabilities suffered as a consequence of the Malvinas War can be consulted monthly at this link:


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