In the next few days “El Saqueo” will be presented; the new book by César Lerena

A legal, economic and scientific analysis of what is considered an appropriation of the fishing resources of the province of Buenos Aires by the National State.

8 de July de 2024 15:13

Cover of the new book by the South Atlantic and Fishing expert. A work that adds arguments to assume the necessary defense of a maritime Country.

In this work, the author claims the maritime territorial rights and those related to the fishing resources of the Province of Buenos Aires not delegated to the Nation and questions its inefficient administration.

On both issues and, even with the most restrictive view, the national government would be appropriating the fishing resources of the Province, the migratory and associated ones, thereby preventing the development of the towns and cities of Buenos Aires, the economy and the well-being of their people; in addition to having a manifest inaction regarding the exploitation of fishing resources originating in the territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone on the high seas by foreign vessels and, not eradicating discards, substitutions in landings and other practices that are carried out without control, preventing the use of huge amounts of protein that could solve child malnutrition in Argentina.

In this work, it refers to the non-delegated power over the domain of maritime territories and natural resources of the National Constitution; the First Transitory Provision of this and the pre-existing agreements; to eminent domain over the territory, environment and natural resources of the Province of Buenos Aires, including the subsoil; the territorial sea and its bed; the continental shelf and the natural resources of the exclusive economic zone in accordance with the provincial Constitution and a dozen provincial and national laws; to the FAO Code of Conduct and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, among other standards and, legal, biological and operational arguments apply.

It is specified that the national government, through a framework of laws designed to keep the resources; without a maritime or fishing project, willing to foreignize the exploitation of the Argentine sea with the mere payment of a fee without requiring the landing of the catches in national ports, taking Argentina back to the 19th century of the export of live cattle. And, incidentally, but even more serious, through a Regime of Incentives for Large Investments, foreignize the activity even further, removing the existing national industry from competition. It states, as an intolerable situation, that national sovereignty and the federal regime would be weakened, destroying industry, preventing regional development and job creation in the Province of Buenos Aires and the other provinces on the maritime coast.

A work that reminds us that "The representatives of the people of the Argentine Nation met in the General Constituent Congress by the will and election of the provinces that compose it..." and, calls us, to recover the natural resources that are part of the economic heritage and cultural of the Province of Buenos Aires and a call to redirect the federal project of the Nation.

By Agenda Malvinas


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