In the Malvinas they hired a patrol boat to ensure their illegal fishing

The established government signed a 15-year contract with a shipowner that will have a modern boat that patrols the waters surrounding the Malvinas that they usurp, where in association with the Spanish, they prey on the squid and other species fishing grounds.

26 de May de 2022 13:38

Professional custody to sustain the plundering of Argentine natural resources.

The illegitimate government of our Malvinas signed a contract with the British company Seagull Maritime Limited , for the supply, for 15 years, of a fast patrol boat to control fishing in the waters surrounding the archipelago that they usurp, where they operate, associated with shipowners from Galicia. , Spain, a monumental depredation of resources, including the valuable ilex squid, which is extracted every year by tens of thousands of tons.

The fishery patrol service will come into force in 2023, and is the result of a tender in which twelve interested firms were presented, four of which reached the final decision-making stage. According to the islanders themselves, they sought “the most adaptable profile to the moving waters of the South Atlantic” , in addition to prioritizing, of course, the price/performance ratio.

The surveillance boat, Damen Stan 5009 , is a small, fast coast guard-style ship, versatile, with good mobility and lower operating costs. In short, the model that fits the operational needs of the illegal authorities of the department of natural resources of the islands.

The owner of Seagull Maritime Ltd, Kfir Magen , of course said he was “delighted to have been selected to supply the patrol” . He also intended to establish “a long-term partnership” with the usurpers. And he went overboard with his boat. patrol boat, “protect the planet's natural resources for future generations.”

Seagull Maritime Ltd (“Marítima Gaviota”) has its headquarters in London, and commercial offices in Malta, Nigeria, Greece, Sri Lanka and Ukraine. On its website, it speaks out against “illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing”. regulated (IUU), which does not respect the standards adopted at the national or international level .

However, it provides services to an illegal government of a usurped territory subject to the unanimous demand of the international community to submit to discussing sovereignty with Argentina. A claim that it systematically ignores, while deepening the predation of foreign natural resources.



Seagull Maritime

By Agenda Malvinas


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