Although the Foreign Ministry announced the cancellation of the Foradori-Duncan Pact, Catamarca does not appear to be Argentina, since it has signed an agreement on education with the British embassy under the format established in point four of the diplomatic agreement of the Macrista era.

16 de May de 2023 10:44

The signing of the document took place at the Inca pre-Columbian Archaeological Site El Shincal in the Catamarca town of London.

The Peronist governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil , and the ambassador of Great Britain in Argentina, Kirsty Hayes , signed a memorandum of understanding on April 21 to implement the teaching of English in primary schools.

And although the press information does not say it, the memorandum has the same components established in point four of the Foradori-Duncan , referring to ART, CULTURE, EDUCATION AND SPORTS ; where “both countries” committed “to strengthening these ties and continuing to identify new areas of collaboration” and “increasing student exchange, including the recent increase in Chevening scholarships and the offer of the British Council in Argentina to promote educational programs in English and Welsh.”

The signing of the document took place at the Inca pre-Columbian archaeological site El Shincal in the Catamarca town of London, where the authorities made a visit in which the Minister of Education, Andrea Centurión , her counterpart for Culture, Tourism and Sports, Roberto Brunello , participated. and the mayor of London, Gilberto Santillán.

Despite the publications made by the press and the comments uploaded to the networks by the ambassador of the country that usurps the Malvinas Islands from Argentina, neither the Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero , nor the Secretary of the Malvinas Guillermo Carmona, have expressed themselves against the interference. of Great Britain in a fundamental aspect that should be directed and academically supervised by the Ministry of Education of Catamarca and its National counterpart headed by Jaime Perczyk. Clearly demonstrating, once again; the permissiveness that underlies the Foreign Ministry in the face of the colonialist policies of the United Kingdom.

After a tour of the historic place, the ambassador and the governor signed the memorandum to establish links between the Ministry of Education of Catamarca and the British Council , for the purposes of exploring alternatives to offer English teaching in primary schools. from distance.

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Neither dull nor lazy, the British ambassador did not miss the opportunity to express the true interests of the empire towards Argentina, indicating that “training in English is increasingly important for areas as diverse as tourism and mining,” an economic facet of this. last, that Great Britain has been monopolizing throughout northwest Argentina through its companies.

The document commits the parties to defining the technical and human means necessary to offer a program that initially provides services in a pilot group of 17 schools, reaching about 700 students in different parts of the province, and then implement it on a larger scale.

«I am impressed by all the places that the province has.It seems very appropriate to sign this agreement here, because we are in a city that is called London as our capital,” said the diplomat, who highlighted the importance of training in English for the development of areas such as mining and tourism.

After the agreement, Minister Centurión explained that, for a couple of weeks, they had been working with the Embassy "to include English in the province's primaries."

"The idea is that our children can train in the English language within the extended day," he stated.

Finally, the minister assured: "The governor made this political decision and provided us with all the resources so that boys and girls from all parts of Catamarca can learn English."




By Agenda Malvinas


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