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La Unión de Tolhuin Bakery inaugurated a large three-dimensional sculpture about the Malvinas

It is a tribute to the Malvinas War, a permanent reminder to those who fell in the 1982 war and especially an expression against British colonialism that usurps the southern island and maritime territory of Argentina.

13 de March de 2024 15:20


(By Ramón Taborda) - This Tuesday afternoon, the baker and owner of the La Unión bakery, in the Fuegian city of Tolhuin, Emilio Sáez; inaugurated in the new building, the sculpture: Sur Profundo; 'Wouk Vaukekan' in the Selk'nam language. A work by the artist and sculptor Marcelo Bonfanti made from the perspective and advice of the Malvinas combatant soldier and director of Agenda Malvinas, Daniel Guzmán.

The event was attended by the centers of ex-combatants of the province, public authorities from different levels and a crew from BIM 5 that accompanied the war flag of the Unit that fought in the Malvinas, along with its commander, Lieutenant Commander Alejandro Reinhold . At the end there was a minute of silence for those who fell in the 1982 conflict and also for the former combatant Ángel Páez who died yesterday in Ushuaia minutes before the event.

  At the end of 2022, the baker Emilio Sáenz asked the Malvinas fighter and journalist Daniel Guzmán to collaborate, who contacted his childhood friend and renowned sculptor, Marcelo Bonfanti to design and make it. Thus for 16 months, the The artist produced a three-dimensional sculpture 3.8 meters high and 2.5 meters wide that was installed in the main hall of the renowned bakery in the city of Tolhuin.

Participating in the event were the mayor of Tolhuin Daniel Harrington, the provincial legislator Federico Sciurano, the former vice-governor Juan Carlos Arcando, the former legislator Ricardo Wilder, the secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs, Andrés Dachary, the commander of the Marine Infantry Battalion No. 5 School, Lieutenant Commander Alejandro Reinhold; Captain Diego Flores, Second Commander of the FAIA; the general secretary of the UOM, Oscar Martínez; the president of the 'Malvinas Argentinas' War Veterans Center Luís Cepeda; the president of the Center of Former Malvinas Combatants of Ushuaia, Juan Carlos Parodi;   the Secretary of Malvinas of the Municipality of Ushuaia, VGM Daniel Arias; the Undersecretary of Planning and Cooperation of the Municipality of Río Grande, Juan Pablo Deluca; the person responsible for Tourism in the Northern and Central Zones of InFueTur, Lic.Stella Maris Alazard; the pioneer of Patagonian aviation and owner of Kaiken Líneas Aéreas, Oscar Valls; among other personalities, and many residents of Tolhuin.

Ramón Barrenechea, 'El Puma of Patagonia', sang 'Aurora' a cappella, while former combatant Miguel Anderfurd, from the CECIM of La Plata, played the Argentine national anthem on accordion.

For his part, Professor Miguel Vázquez, announcer of the event, read a poem by VGM Aníbal Herrera and a neighbor from Tolhuin read an elegy.

At the end of the event, the BIM 5 horn player executed a minute of silence for those who fell in Malvinas and also for the former combatant Ángel Páez who died in Ushuaia minutes before the event in Tolhuin.

During the event, there were recognitions for Emilio Sáenz and the sculptor of the work. The veterans of Río Grande, in the person of Alberto Ante , presented a diploma to Emilio for this patriotic initiative, while the Provincial Government did the same with a map of the Malvinas delivered by Mr. Andrés Dachary . Dachary also delivered a present sent by Governor Gustavo Melella to the sculptor Marcelo Bonfanti .

“I never imagined having something like this”

Emilio Sáenz , when speaking a few words after the discovery of the sculptural work, said that “the gratitude goes to all those who are here, because without you this does not make much sense, so this work, since I saw it arrive, began as to beat, it was something that I saw as having life and as we were building it I think that the soul is what was missing and I think that with all of us, as we pass by and look at it and remember that Malvinas is ours and "We are going to fight it, but from another place, from peace. Enough of wars."

He added that " I am very proud and grateful to Marcelo (Bonfanti), the creator of this work, the truth is that I never imagined having something like this, like this, but it is clear that God enlightened us and here it is, so I hope we all do it." ours and we can give it the soul that this sculpture deserves and needs. Thank you for coming.”

“This is a work that has many messages, but not war”

Meanwhile, Marcelo Bonfanti confided that “I am very moved by all this. Above all, for those of us who come from the north, as you people from the south say. In other parts of the country, these things from the Malvinas are very ephemeral, little remembered, but when "I arrive in this province and I find all this fervor, with all this bloody thing about what Malvinas is, I really get excited because it is not seen in the north of the country."

He said that “when the idea of doing this work arose, I didn't know Emilio, we met a few days ago.

By Agenda Malvinas


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