The kelpers spat in the faces of the Corrientes soldiers who traveled to the Malvinas

The hostility of the British colony that usurps the Malvinas reaches peaks of aggression and humiliation towards Argentine war veterans in an unusual way, to the point of spitting on them in the streets of the Argentine port.

19 de April de 2023 08:24

The Corrientes contingent, in the holy field where their comrades killed in battle lie.

In addition to having to travel with a passport and to enter and leave the islands this document is stamped by the illegitimate British government of the Malvinas, to endure the fact that to tour the places where they fought they are under the permanent surveillance of the invader and that any expression and patriotic sentiment be censored or reprimanded with prison; The former combatant soldiers of the 12th Regiment of Mercedes who fought in San Carlos, had to suffer the humiliation of being spat on by the implanted population while they waited for a bus that would take them on an excursion.

This was reported by journalist Daniel Toledo from Radio Sudamericana of Corrientes Capital, who accompanied the 20 former combatants from Corrientes who returned to the Malvinas Islands after 41 years of the 1982 war, to reunite with that painful past, say goodbye to some comrades. who died on the spot and heal their post-war wounds.

Although he described the experience as " unique" and "wonderful," Toledo also recounted how they felt the contempt of some English people who live in the archipelago. "One day we were outside the hotel waiting for the bus that was taking us on an excursion and a man passed by, looked at us and turned to spit in the face of one of the former combatants," he said; indicating that the aggressor did it without saying a word.

"We knew that we could not react violently because we would have problems, so we had to contain our anger," he added.

The driver of the bus was the one who contacted the police to report the incident."We found him later at the airport carrying suitcases, apparently it was a trunk.

By Agenda Malvinas


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