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The Kelpers celebrate black meluza week

The silence and cover-up of successive Argentine governments that, before accounting for and denouncing typologies, volumes and conditions, support the disastrous Treaties of Madrid; They support the monumental theft of our fishing resources.

28 de September de 2022 08:15

At the top of world gastronomy, its ton reaches up to $20,000.

Although there is no information on annual averages of illegal fishing carried out by the British in the South Atlantic for this species, nor the profits they obtain, the business must be good enough that in addition to having issued a 1 crown coin in 2017 (about US$80) the colony's government and companies based in the Malvinas are celebrating toothfish week.

This was announced by MercoPress , the pro-British media that functions as a spokesperson for the interests of the colony that usurps the Malvinas Islands from Argentina and its companies through which it carries out the plundering of its resources.

By Agenda Malvinas


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