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Tomorrow the cruise ship that prevented 800 Argentines from disembarking in the Malvinas arrives in Ushuaia

The Norwegian Star will arrive at 7am and depart at 6pm.

23 de February de 2024 11:37

The Norwegian Star, moored in the port of Ushuaia during the current southern summer season.

Last Thursday, February 1, the captain of the tourist cruise Norwegian Star, Luigi Gentile He prevented “more than 800 Argentines” from descending on the Malvinas “to honor the fallen sons of this land” during the 1982 war.

What happened was reported by the lawyer Elizabeth Márquez , president of Asociación Civil Conuvive (Consciousness in Union Life and Truth), who was traveling on the cruise. The ship would arrive in Malvinas very early to set sail again around 4:00 p.m. During that period, the contingent would move to the Darwin Cemetery, where they would place 260 crosses on the graves of our heroes, made by Argentine families.

Elizabeth Márquez assures - in a version that three weeks later was not denied - that the captain of the ship claimed bad weather so as not to disembark while two other ships did. There were complaints, demonstrations, support from foreign tourists for the Argentine proposal and it was sung the anthem; the lawyer narrated.

Knowing the fact, this Monday the 19th; The governor of Tierra del Fuego, Gustavo Melella, said he "totally repudiates" what happened and asked the Argentine Foreign Ministry to "express itself firmly." He also classified what happened, as " a tremendous act by the British government and those responsible in the Malvinas Islands."

The investigation of the Provincial Directorate of Ports

According to the arrival schedule of the port of Ushuaia, the Norwegian Star will dock this Saturday, February 24. It will subsequently do so on March 10 and 24.

During the course of this morning, in a consultation with the authorities of the Provincial Directorate of Ports of Tierra del Fuego; Agenda Malvinas was able to learn that the organization asked the Maritime Agency ( MARITIME SHIPPING AGENCY SRL) to make a report on what happened. Therefore, if confirmed, “a complaint will be raised to the ship's assembly company.”In this case - it is presumed - to Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., based in the tax haven of the Bahamas; or to its subsidiary in Argentina.

Beyond what the Maritime Agency reports; The port authorities agreed to request a report on climate information for that day in the Malvinas Islands and specifically in Puerto Argentino; to the National Meteorological Service .

By Agenda Malvinas


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