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Navitas is already looking for companies and interested parties in the Malvinas for the first stage of oil exploitation

He is asking the companies, businesses and inhabitants of the islands; that they join the project with land, equipment, machinery, infrastructure and workers.

7 de March de 2024 10:07

It is the process prior to drilling the 23 wells planned to be exploited in the Sea Lion/León Marino field.

Through a notice published in the Malvinas weekly, the oil company Navitas stated that it was looking for local interested parties who want to join the preliminary stage of English hydrocarbon exploitation in the Malvinas.

The information published by Penguin News and reproduced yesterday by Mercopress, says that the Israeli Navitas Petroleum , a partner of the British Rockehopper Exploration ; “ It is in the process of assembling the workshop” that will serve as a logistical base for the implementation of the oil extraction project in the Malvinas; aiming to achieve “the greatest possible contribution of local content, that is, from the Islands themselves.”

You is asking companies, businesses and inhabitants of the islands to join the entrepreneurial initiative; making available its properties, equipment, machinery, infrastructure and workers, so that next year they can begin drilling the 23 wells planned to be exploited in the Sea Lion/León Marino field , located 200 kilometers north of the Malvinas archipelago.

To do this, he paid for an advertisement in the Penguin New - the weekly newspaper of the British colony established in the Malvinas; in accordance with the “Code of Practice of the Malvina Islands Government and its local content policy”. Something similar to a “buy and hire local” implemented by the kelpers; to which the oil company and its contractors will give priority, “as long as they are competitive in terms of quality, price and delivery time.”

Information about the initial requirements, which you can request from pippa.christie@navitaspet.com , is focused on the supplies, facilities and services that can be provided within Puerto Argentino.

They are looking to rent for a period of 2 to 6 years, a property with services, for a workshop of approximately 80,000 square meters.

By Agenda Malvinas


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