Fishing vessels with flags from Spain, Korea, Taiwan and the Malvinas opened the squid looting season in the Malvinas

I know their names.

6 de March de 2023 08:10

Experts and professionals in the field assure that the number of ships is around 120.

At least 81 fishing vessels of five different flags have opened the squid season in waters adjacent to the Malvina Islands, with illegal British permission.

This is what the platform has recorded, in a period of four days from Sunday, February 26 - the date on which the kelpers opened the first section of the annual squid hunt - ; until Wednesday, March 1.

But they are not all. Experts and professionals in the field assure that the number of ships is around 120. Not in vain, the colony established on the islands is in the group of the three territories with the highest per capita income in the world, with amounts exceeding 60 thousand dollars annually.

Through a search of the different fishing sectors that the British colony has enabled, shows us 19 boats with the MalvinaS (FK) flag - except one, the rest of which are Spanish Galician companies based on the islands - located to the south and southeast of the archipelago; 40 with flag of TAIWAN (TWN) ; 19 with the flag of KOREA (KOR) ; 2 with the flag of VANUATU (VU) and 1 with the flag of SPAIN (ESP) . 61 last, north of the islands; within a radius of 150 nautical miles and in the sector of the alleged exclusive economic zone of the United Kingdom, expanded after the 1982 war. Only 1 north-northeast of Isla Soledad.

For the most part, they carry out trawl fishing (the most used and controversial mechanism in the world for capturing fish that live near the seabed), and under the squid jigger modality. The latter in reference to the boats that fish at night, using hundreds of hooks attached with radiating points to capture this species of mollusk.In much smaller proportion with longline ; the fishing art that consists of a long, thick cord from which thinner ropes with hooks at the ends hang at places.

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