They demand that hereditary pensions be made effective for relatives of ex-combatants

The decree signed before the elections by the previous Presidential administration was already published in the Official Gazette. The ex-combatants ask that ANSES generate the necessary regulations for its implementation urgently.

7 de June de 2024 10:46

The announcement was last year, during the 35th. Congress of the Confederation of War Veterans of the Argentine Republic held in the city of Santa Fe.

The Confederation of Combatants of the Argentine Republic denounced that, despite there being a commitment in this regard and a signed decree, ANSES does not have the regulations to apply the economic benefit to the relatives of the deceased veterans.

In November of last year, prior to the presidential elections, the Government of Alberto Fernández had announced that payments would be made through the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). The historical claim of the organization that brings together war veterans is that the wife and children continue to receive the financial pension after the death of the holder.

Now they ask Javier Milei's management to accelerate the processes to finalize the novelty , which has already been published in the Official Gazette. "We urgently request the ANSES authorities and those concerned to comply with the regulations already in force, which could lead to the viability of benefits," they said in a statement.

Along these lines, the Confederation of Combatants detailed that it is "the benefit to receive the pension for the death of Malvinas War Veterans (VGM) to their spouse or cohabiting partner; and in the case of their death, to receive it for their children ".

They highlighted that the acceptance of the historic order was confirmed by the Chief of Staff of the previous administration, Agustín Rossi , at the end of 2023, during the 35th. Congress of the Confederation of War Veterans of the Argentine Republic held in the city of Santa Fe .

"This information was disseminated so that it could begin to be put into practice, giving all the details of how the procedures should be carried out, " the veterans mentioned. "On May 2, 2024, it was published in the official bulletin national".


By Agenda Malvinas


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