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Río Grande will build a building to replace the Tent of Dignity for Malvinas

Since 1985, the Malvinas combatants from the northern city of Tierra del Fuego have been holding a vigil off the Atlantic coast on April 1 and at dawn on the 2nd of each year in tribute to the deed and the soldiers who fell in battle, fact that led the National Congress in March 2013 to elevate it to the rank of National Capital of the Vigil through Law 26,846.

11 de May de 2023 09:14

It will have 800 square meters and will allow for permanent activities throughout the year.

In order to continue advancing with the construction project of a new building that will replace the Tent of Dignity, the mayor of Río Gran Martín Pérez held a working meeting with the president of the “Malvinas Argentinas” War Veterans Center, Raúl Villafañe ; the Secretary of Government, Gastón Díaz and the Secretary of Public Works, Silvina Mónaco.

The work will be erected in the same place where since 1985 a large canvas tent has been erected that houses traveling exhibitions, talks and meetings, and where the Monument to the Heroes of Malvinas has been located, located on the Atlantic coast of Sebastián El Cano Avenue, in front of the Marine Infantry Battalion No. 5.

Silvina Mónaco highlighted that the construction of this building, which will have an approximate size of 800 square meters , "will allow us to have a permanent physical space to carry out activities throughout the year linked to the Malvinas Cause."

It will have a central space through a large room, which will be connected from the inside to the path that is part of the Coastal Defense, thus being able to integrate the building into the existing landscape.

By Agenda Malvinas


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