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Tierra del Fuego invited Roger Waters to come to the province of Malvinas and express himself in favor of peace and against colonialism

A tweet from the Secretary of Malvinas of Tierra del Fuego Andrés Dachary, inviting Roger Waters, raises the possibility that the English singer and musician founder of the band Pink Floyd could consider coming to Argentina again.

28 de May de 2023 11:35

The possibility opens up for Roger Waters to arrive in Tierra del Fuego, presenting The Wall, the iconic musical work created in the 80's by the British band Pink Floyd.

A tweet published yesterday by the Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica and International Affairs of Tierra del Fuego, Andrés Dachary , opens the door or expectations for the English singer and musician Roger Waters to plan a presentation of his work “The Wall” ( La Pared) in the southern province of Argentina.

Dachary wrote to him: Dear @rogerwaters, we will be honored by your presence in Tierra del Fuego, inspired by your continued commitment to peace and your fight against colonialism and all types of injustice in our world.

The musician, who these days was the center of criticism during a concert in Berlin (Germany) and accused of exactly what he is not, of being a fascist and Nazi; by appearing at the recital dressed in an outfit that caricatures Nazism and the legacy of destruction, genocide and death; has not yet responded to the Fuegian official's invitation; However, it can also be seen that the Argentine diplomat and politician, Alicia Castro ; welcomes you by joining the same call from Tierra del Fuego.

“We welcome you to Argentina at any time dear @rogerwaters. Comrade of the Progressive International,” the former Argentine ambassador to Venezuela and the United Kingdom wrote on Twitter. Also reiterating; the proposal of the Fuegian secretary: “Governor @gustavomelella is pleased to invite you to Tierra del Fuego, near our Malvinas Islands, to work together against colonialism.”

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