Argentina opposes various OAS resolutions in advance of a new assembly

The Argentine Government changed its position with respect to previous administrations and rejected several security articles in the Organization of American States for including the gender perspective, human rights or climate change.

28 de June de 2024 15:52

The projects challenged by Cavallo are linked to human rights, security, climate change, the crisis in Haiti and gender equality.

The Argentine ambassador to the OAS, Sonia Cavallo , rejected initiatives related to the “ 2030 Agenda ” on gender equality and climate change . It was at the last meeting of the international organization, prior to the General Assembly that will take place this Wednesday in Paraguay .

Cavallo objected to draft resolutions referring to human rights, security, strengthening democracy, the crisis in Haiti and gender equality.

One of the paragraphs of the Hemispheric Security Promotion project, which Argentina rejects , proposes “integrating a gender perspective in all policies, programs and activities of all Inter-American bodies, organizations, entities, conferences and processes that deal with security issues.” hemispherical. (Agreed, ad-referendum of the Delegation of Argentina)”.

The controversy remains open , taking into account that, from June 26 to the 28th , a General Assembly will be held in Asunción , Paraguay. Then the initiative for the Protection of Human Rights in Latin America , objected in its entirety by Argentina, will be discussed again.

The text of the norm that Javier Milei's management opposes promotes the protection of leaders and representatives of Human Rights in different countries: “To strongly condemn any act that arbitrarily prevents or hinders, directly or indirectly , the tasks carried out by human rights defenders in the Americas, including environmental defenders, as well as indigenous defenders of those rights, against all acts of retaliation, violence, and criminalization of their work, harassment, intimidation, attacks, torture, enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrest and imprisonment, murder and all other forms of human rights abuse committed by state or non-state actors, among others ”.


By Agenda Malvinas


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